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Jun 01 2015

Soundbites June 2015

Ed Rogers, lobbyist with a Washington Post column.

Who Pays the Pundits? “Given the state of the world and the urgent problems facing us that directly affect our prospects for peace and prosperity, global warming shouldn’t even be in the top five on the list of problems our president should be worrying about,” said Republican operative Ed Rogers in his regular Washington Post column (4/20/15). What’s more important than catastrophic climate change? Oh, the Ukraine crisis. The US “retreating from global leadership.” An “anemic” domestic economy. And a couple of other things that weren’t important enough to mention, but are still more important than global warming. The Post‘s […]

Jun 01 2015

To Washington Post, Downsides of TPP Are Someone Else’s Problem

Trans-Pacific Partnership protesters in Miami last month seemed to understand the issues. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images/Washington Post)

A Washington Post piece about the TPP is another round of the Barbie Doll “currency values are hard” story. As with every issue in the trade deal, there can be complications, but the basic story is pretty damn simple.

Jun 01 2015

Meet the Press Breaks Its Silence on Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination last week–but Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd, who’s “obsessed with elections,” didn’t seem to notice. (cc photo: Paul Morigi/Brookings)

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination last week–but Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd, who’s “obsessed with elections,” didn’t seem to notice.

Jun 01 2015

Why So Much Anger in Baltimore? The Washington Post Won’t Tell You

BaltimoreProtest copy

“Why is there so much anger?” If you were wondering that before you read the Washington Post’s “primer,” you’re probably still wondering.

May 01 2015

Media Now Offering ‘ISIS Plots’ That Are 100% ISIS-Free!

Contrary to Fox News, these suspects were not lured by ISIS, but by the FBI.

Right on cue, the American media published dressed-up FBI press releases about the “disrupted” plot. These outlets, as usual, omitted the rather awkward fact that this “ISIS plot” did not actually involve anyone in ISIS.

May 01 2015

Why Elite Journalists Hate Whistleblowers

David Gregory, host of NBC's "Meet the Press," and journalist Glenn Greenwald

Elite journalists work for corporate news outlets that are designed to bolster power rather than challenge it. Whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden upset the sources of elite journalists’ power.

May 01 2015

Op-Ed Calls for War Are Incitements to a Terrible Crime

The New York Times' Op-Ed "To Stop Iran's Bomb, Bomb Iran" features an olive branch in the middle of a bear trap with missiles for teeth.

The literature that justifies or encourages war is not divorced from the responsibility for the cause of war itself.

May 01 2015

Soundbites May 2015


Remembering ‘News Dissector’ Danny Schechter When I launched FAIR in 1986, we had virtually no allies in the mainstream media. Except for Danny, then a producer at ABC’s 20/20. He was full of encouragement—telling us how important that we launch this group to monitor corporate media misdeeds. He gave us at FAIR crucial advice in those first years. And we were amazed at the unique segments on economic or racial injustice he was able to get on 20/20—overcoming many obstacles. From inside the belly of the beast in the late 1980s, he told us of his concern that FAIR might […]