Jul 1 2007


Editor's Note

No, no, no, no, no.

ABCNews.com (6/18/07) described Hillary Clinton speaking at the Take Back America conference “shortly after she reversed course and voted to cut off funding for the troops as a means of ending the war.” No—the supplemental funding bill doesn’t fund the troops, it funds the war. The troops are paid for out of the regular Pentagon budget. No soldier would have been kicked out of the Army or lost a paycheck if the bill had not passed.

Describing the California governor’s likely opposition to a single-payer healthcare bill, CNN’s Brooke Anderson declared (6/13/07) “Schwarzenegger clearly opposed to government-run healthcare, socialized medicine.” No—a single-payer system is not “government-run” or “socialized medicine.” It has private doctors and hospitals, with the bills paid by the government.

Writing an actually pretty good New York Times piece (6/27/07) about how intelligence abuses of the Bush administration are in some ways worse than those of the 1960s and ’70s, Scott Shane concedes that “the recent surveillance activities appear so far to have targeted mostly people believed to pose a terrorist threat, not a political threat.” No—leaving aside the fact that the administration has been spying on anti-war demonstrators (as Shane noted in the same piece), the eavesdropping program has snooped on thousands of people who the government has no probable cause to believe are any kind of threat. That’s the problem.

The New York Times reported (6/13/07) that “New York City taxpayers would get a larger-than-expected break on their property taxes under a deal announced last night.” No—New York City property owners would get a bigger tax break; most New Yorkers rent their homes and do not pay property taxes.

NBC’s Tim Russert, appearing on Hannity & Colmes (6/13/07), claimed that “I love to read left, right, center. I want to know what everyone is thinking and why.” As evidence, he said he read the New York Times, Washington Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Weekly Standard and New Republic. No—if that’s what you read, you have no idea what the left is thinking.