Nov 1 1994

A PBS Quiz

Both are nationally recognized. Both have written best sellers. Both are articulate and at the top of their fields.

Which woman did PBS choose to host a show?

Charlayne Hunter-Gault or Peggy Noonan

One has 16 years of PBS experience. The other has no PBS experience.

One is an award-winning journalist. The other is a partisan political flak.

One has been identified with universal human rights. The other has been identified with narrow Republican politics.

One came to national attention as a civil rights hero. The other came to national attention as a Reagan-Bush speech writer.

One has a show, Rights & Wrongs: Human Rights TV, that PBS refuses to fund or distribute. The other is getting a show that PBS will support and distribute.

One is black. The other is white.

Which woman did PBS choose? (The answer: Noonan)

Ask why: Contact Ervin Duggan, President PBS 1320 Braddock Place Alexandria, VA 22314 or call the PBS Hotline: 1-800-272-2190. (This sometimes takes a long time to answer.)

This quiz was created by the Coalition Vs. PBS Censorship. For more information, write them at

P.O. Box 485 Santa Monica, CA 90406-0485

or call 310-288-6693.