Apr 1 2001

‘Assholean Conduct’

Talking to an on-the-scene reporter covering the school shooting in Santee, California, Geraldo Rivera (MSNBC, 3/7/01) noticed lots of honking in the background. It prompted the following exchange with reporter Chip Reid:

RIVERA: What–what are all those horns we’re hearing? Is there a kind of a “media go away” movement there in Santee?

REID: Oh, yeah. In a big way. This is an effort–there are about 10 people along the roads holding up signs, “Honk if you want the media to go home.” Some of them are extremely angry. It’s gotten to the point where the police had to be called in a couple of cases here because of people pounding on media trucks and there was just a report of bottles and rocks thrown down the street in the vicinity of some media.

RIVERA: That is–that is so outrageous.

REID: And there are some people here….

RIVERA:I mean, that is so damn outrageous. What–what rudeness. What absolute counterproductive assholean conduct. You know, you–you don’t like your town to be portrayed in a negative way. Well, guess what? Your school has just had a double homicide, over a dozen kids and adults shot. OK, what’s the mood in the school, Chip? Is it a get-back-to-business or–or are they still totally preoccupied with this?