Nov 1 1998

Clinton Worse Than Reagan, Nixon…Everyone

Clinton Worse Than Reagan

“Clinton used his office to thwart an investigation sanctioned by his own attorney general…. Ronald Reagan waived all executive privilege…[and] turned over his documents and diaries…because he said he wanted the facts to come out.”

Time news article (8/24/98), conveniently forgetting the cover stories and document-shredding of Iran-Contra.

Clinton Worse Than Nixon

“Clinton’s behavior is truly Nixonian. And it is worse in one way. Nixon’s actions, however neurotic and criminal, were motivated by and connected to the exercise of presidential power. He knew the place he occupied, and he was determined not to give it up to those he regarded as ‘enemies.’ Clinton acted–and still, even in his supposed mea culpa, acts–as if he does not recognize what it means to be president of the United States.” –David Broder, Washington Post (8/19/98)

Clinton Worse Than Everyone

“I have to say that when the president looked the country in the eye and said, ‘I did not have a sexual relationship with that woman,’ that was the worst straight-on lie I’ve heard any president give. He and Monica knew the truth, and yet he staged it, rehearsed it, scripted it. And he did that. And that defies anything. I’ve listened to Lyndon Johnson lie about the Gulf of Tonkin, about the budget. I saw Kennedy, at first, or his people try to deny the Bay of Pigs. U-2 crisis, ‘I am not a crook’ speech– I’ve been through all of those. None of them had the impact, at least on me, that this sort of personal lie had. The others were all sort of debatable…. I mean, what is a crook or the Gulf of Tonkin? What did you know? That sort of thing. And some of them were done for security reasons.”

–Hugh Sidey, Time‘s former White House columnist (CNBC, 9/16/98)