Jun 1 1995

Dial H for Hate

Neo-Nazi Recruitment on ABC's Flagship

FAIR, along with a coalition of religious and civil rights leaders, has written to ABC/Capital Cities CEO Tom Murphy to condemn the use of ABC-controlled airwaves for neo-Nazi and white supremacist recruiting. WABC radio talkshow host Bob Grant has repeatedly permitted and even assisted hate groups in giving out phone numbers and addresses on his show.

The letter demanded that ABC explain its policies on hate groups, and that experts who monitor such groups be allowed on Grant’s show to describe the organizations that have been promoted. It also asked that WABC hire a host who is an advocate for the civil rights/anti-racism movement.

At least twice, a caller has given out contact information for the National Alliance, describing the group on one occasion (3/10/93) as an “organization fighting for” the “white race,” and on another (3/24/93) recommending it to “white Americans who are concerned about the future of their race and nation.”

The National Alliance is a neo-Nazi organization led by William Pierce, former secretary of the American Nazi Party under George Lincoln Rockwell. Pierce is the author (under a pseudonym) of The Turner Diaries, a novel used as a guidebook by white supremacist terrorists; it favorably depicts an “Aryan revolution” and a truck-bombing of the FBI building in Washington. Callers to the number given out on Grant’s show were sent the National Alliance’s official program, an unabashedly fascist document that calls for “a thorough rooting out of Semitic and other non-Aryan values” and a “racial cleansing of the land.”

When a recent caller to Grant’s program (3/27/95) recommended the National Alliance (as a group “for support of European-American males”), Grant declared twice: “I don’t have any problem with the National Alliance!”

The talkshow host has also allowed the National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP)–the white supremacist group founded by David Duke–to recruit members through his program. One caller (8/12/93), after praising the group, asked Grant: “With your permission, I’d like to give out the address and the phone number.”

“Go right ahead,” Grant replied–and even helped the caller out when he stumbled over the address. On an earlier broadcast (7/5/93), after a caller gave out the NAAWP phone number, Grant encouraged him to “say it again.” (Two years later, Grant agreed with a far-right caller who dismissed the NAAWP as a “crackpot” group.)

Another caller (4/26/93) praised the newsletter American Renaissance, which is described by its editor, Samuel Jared Taylor, as “racialist” and “from the point of view of the European majority.” The caller read a quote from the newsletter–“When neighborhoods lose their white majorities, schools decay, crime increases, taxes rise, welfare proliferates, and what was once an outpost of civilization subsides into barbarism”–and then asked Grant: “Can I give out the address?”

“Yes, go ahead,” Grant replied. After the address was read, Grant boasted that his touting of Taylor’s book, Paved With Good Intentions, had boosted sales.

Other callers have asked for and been given permission to give out addresses where people can order “pro-white music.” One caller (4/25/94) gave out an address for an outfit called Angel’s Action Gear–an address shared by a neo-Nazi organization called the SS Action Group, as well as by the NAAWP.

On the premiere of his nationally syndicated show (1/14/95), Grant provided a friendly forum for Tom Metzger, the prominent neo-Nazi who heads White Aryan Resistance (WAR). Identified by his full name on the air, Metzger joined Grant in demanding stern measures against Mexican immigrants.

“Grant’s racism seems to attract neo-Nazis,” FAIR commented in a press release. “The question of whether Grant has detailed knowledge of these groups is less important than the fact that he speaks their language and serves their agenda.”

Note: Grant was fired by ABC in April 1996.