Dec 1 2004

In His Own Words

Bill O'Reilly on sexual harassment

There is a strong movement in America to remove any kind of value-based argument…. Public officials have the right to lie about sex because it is no one’s business what they do in private, even if sexual harassment suits are lodged against them, i.e., President Clinton…. Many Americans simply cannot or will not make judgments about behavior. And this is a tremendous change in our society. The danger here is that the absence of value-based judgments breaks down justice and discipline.”

O’Reilly Factor, 7/16/01

I have to explain to the audience that there is no sex allowed at Fox on the job. We can’t have sex here at Fox…. You know, I do know some people who do that [workplace sex]. And here’s why they do it. It’s a sense of danger. And a lot of people like that danger element in sex. So they want to have sex and maybe they’ll get caught. And that kind of heightens their–whatever.

O’Reilly Factor, 5/13/02

Just use your vibrator to blow off steam…. What, you’ve got a vibrator, don’t you? Every girl does.

–In a conversation with O’Reilly Factor producer Andrea Mackris (5/02), according to a sexual harassment lawsuit by Mackris that was settled out of court

Put yourself in this position. You make an enemy. That person accuses you of some sex crime, maybe harassment. You’re totally innocent, but the accusation is made public. Your life will never, ever be the same. “Talking Points” believes society must rethink how this sex stuff is handled and that those who do bogus charges should be punished. Raping a person’s character is a crime, too. And evil people who do that should be held accountable.

O’Reilly Factor, 10/21/03

Are you aware that in every newscaster’s contract, there’s a moral clause that says, if you embarrass the station publicly in any way, they can let you go?… Once you go public and do something like that, although it’s not illegal, it embarrasses your employer because your employer operates on credibility.

–Defending the firing of a local news anchor who participated in a wet T-shirt contest (O’Reilly Factor, 1/23/04)

Look, I think that the sexual harassment thing is used as a club, as I said, by many women, all right. It’s something they have against men, a threat to keep men at bay in a very competitive marketplace…. You know, there are women who manipulate themselves and use their sexuality to get ahead, all right. And then these women will turn around and file a sexual harassment…. But how do you prove it? It’s very difficult to prove it….

Well, it’s changed my life. I’ll tell you, when I was a thug coming up, I mean, I would say almost anything around women, and now I don’t say anything, you know, that could be remotely taken–you know, because, obviously, I’m a big target, and any kind of a thing like that stigmatizes you, whether you’re guilty or not, doesn’t it? So it’s–women–that’s a big power source for them, and I think some women use it ruthlessly.

O’Reilly Factor, 3/23/04

If any woman ever breathed a word, I’ll make her pay so dearly that she’ll wish she’d never been born. I’ll rake her through the mud, bring up things in her life and make her so miserable that she’ll be destroyed. And besides, she wouldn’t be able to afford the lawyers I can, or endure it financially as long as I can. And nobody would believe her, it’d be her word against mine, and who are they going to believe? Me or some unstable woman making outrageous accusations. They’d see her as some psycho, someone unstable. Besides, I’d never make the mistake of picking unstable crazy girls like that.

–On what O’Reilly would do if a woman accused him of sexual harassment (4/13/04), according to the Mackris lawsuit

So anyway I’d be rubbing your big boobs and getting your nipples really hard, kinda kissing your neck from behind… and then I would take the other hand with the falafel thing and I’d put it on your pussy but you’d have to do it really light, just kind of a tease business….

–O’Reilly in a phone conversation with Mackris (8/22/04), according to the lawsuit

This is the single most evil thing I have ever experienced, and I’ve seen a lot.

–On the Mackris lawsuit (O’Reilly Factor, 10/13/04)

Today lawyers issued a statement saying there was no wrongdoing in the case whatsoever by anyone. Obviously the words “no wrongdoing” are the key…. This brutal ordeal is now officially over, and I will never speak of it again.

–On the settlement of the lawsuit (O’Reilly Factor, 10/28/04)