Oct 1 1987

Kinzer’s Confession

Stephen Kinzer

Stephen Kinzer

Seemingly surprised when told that many readers consider his reporting sympathetic to the Contras, New York Times Managua correspondent Stephen Kinzer told Esquire (11/86):

In Washington, they talk about putting pressure on the Sandinistas, and it sounds so antiseptic. But the reality of that pressure is babies with their arms blown off, the maiming and destruction, the reality of war…. That woman’s misery [referring to a peasant whose family was kidnapped by Contras] is what your tax dollars are paying for.

Everyone remembers what the National Guard was like, and nobody wants to go back to those days. It shows how little the United States knows about what’s going on here that we would throw in with the one group that most everyone in Nicaragua fears.

Why doesn’t Kinzer make these observations in the Times?