Jun 1 1993

Lesbian Lock-Out

Just what do lesbians have to do to get a photo on the front page of the Washington Post? When thousands of gay women roared past the White House the day before the big lesbian and gay civil rights march April 25, fire-eaters did their thing in front of the Clinton home. Some were bare-breasted, some revved motorcycles, whistles pierced the air….The Lesbian Avengers had arrived and taken over. But gay men still got the cover.

The Lesbian Avengers, a new national group intent on direct action in the tradition of ACT UP, have hit the scene just as many in the media are getting comfortable with homosexuality–as long as it assimilates. A day after the historic Dyke March on D.C., Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page was estimating (MacNeil/Lehrer, 4/26/93) that “80, 90 percent of homosexual American looks just like straight Ameria.” But “straight America” is just what put the “avenger” into Lesbian Avenger. Look out for them–they’re not on the front page…yet.

For more information call the Lesbian Avengers Hotline: 212-967-7711, ext. 3204