Jun 1 2011


Good Question for Teenage Moms

Thanks for the article on ABC’s “Made in America” (“ABC’s ‘Made in America’ a Shoddy Product,” 4/11). I stopped watching any so-called “news” on ABC years ago but no doubt I learned more from Extra! than if I had seen the program.

I do take issue with one point Janine Jackson made regarding what she claimed was Diane Sawyer on her Prime-time show “harass[ing] a group of teenage mothers on behalf of ‘taxpayers’: Answer their question, why should they pay for your mistake?”

Good question and it should be answered, because it relates to a class culture that is crass, ignorant, lacking in education and suffering from underfunded basic health services, including birth control resources.

Irresponsible behavior on the part of welfare recipients is not any more justified than irresponsible behavior on the part of tax-supported corporate America and monopoly capital indulging its global rape of the working class around the world.

Although I doubt Diane Sawyer and ABC “News” would ask such a question, or understand the answer if they got one.

William F. Johnston

Tacoma, Wash.

Apply Value-Added Logic to WikiLeaks

I greatly appreciate today’s article on the subject of value-added evaluation of teachers (“Not Much Value in ‘Value-Added’ Evaluation,” 4/11). It was well done and thought out. One would have hoped that you would have used the same logic in your support of WikiLeaks, for indeed much of the logic is the same.

Wesley Hawks

via Internet

Unsurprised by Lack of Solidarity

Regarding your cover story of April 2011, “Surprised by Solidarity in Wisconsin”—oops! It seems after all the union money from NEA, AFT, AFL-CIO, SEIU “donated” and the support from George Soros, the activist jurist candidate they backed should have sailed to victory.

You wrote your story too soon. Level-headed people con- cerned with deficit spending came out to support the governor and the incumbent jurist. It’s time we all see the light. When the government is out of money, we have to stop spending!

Maureen Kelly

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Learn to Love Loaded Language

I read your article (“Time to ‘Drop and Leave’ Loaded Language,” 3/11) with interest, especially two items.

1. The story about Inez Vasquez crossing the Mexican desert, eight months pregnant, and then getting deported. The only possible conclusion for her endangering her life and her unborn child’s life was that she wanted the child born in the U.S. She could have had the child born safely in a Mexican hospital. But, no, she wanted an U.S. citizen baby and the potential advantages there to. She deserved to be deported.

Is there an accurate count of the number of pregnant women (illegal aliens) who cross our southern border each year to have their babies? It would help when discussing this topic.

2. The use of the term “illegal alien.” An illegal alien is just that, an illegal alien. No quotation marks are necessary. A legal alien is a person who is not a citizen but who has a legal right to be in the U.S. The term now used by the media of “undocumented alien” for illegal alien is simply an euphemism. It sounds more politically correct.

This country should no longer allow citizenship by birth—no other Western country that I know of does. This applies to every nationality. If a woman has a child here and neither she nor the baby’s father are U.S. citizens at the time of birth, then the baby automatically takes the citizenship of the mother. The whole family will then have to go on the list for legal admission to the U.S.

I also support national ID cards showing a picture, thumbprint, place and date of birth, and citizenship. I believe that every country has the right to determine its own immigration policies without having to justify them to any person or organization. This is the only way we can really control our borders.

By the way, I consider myself a liberal Democrat.

Marion Lois Morrison

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