Jun 1 2014

Letters June 2014

Russian Misapprehension

Peter Hart’s parsing (Extra!, 5/14) of Putin’s “major geopolitical disaster of the century”—the collapse of the Soviet Union—is faulty.

Putin did not use either “a” or “the,” as there are no articles in Russian. The “official translation” is of no import. He clearly meant the disaster, not that it was in the top 20.

I am not accusing Hart of membership in the Putinform, my neologism for the Stephen Cohens, Robert Parrys, John Pilgers et al. who can’t tell a revolution by masses of fed-up Ukrainians from a “US neocon coup,” and would rather criticize the MSM instead of Moscow’s hegemonic propaganda and territorial expansion. It is plain odd to find old leftists in my acquaintance who are spouting the Kremlin line once again. All those nostalgic folks must have on their looping audiotapes the Beatles’ song “Back in the USSR.”

Reviews are keen on my book projecting an alternative, left-wing fall of the Soviet system. See them at www.1983the

Anthony Saidy

Los Angeles, Calif.


Time for Action on Climate Change

Thank you for “Sunday Morning Snow Job” (Extra!, 4/14). Bravo! to members of the Climate Action Task Force. To US Congress—outlaw coal mining! Outlaw new drilling for gas and oil! Outlaw fracking! (By the time Congress is ready to act against global warming, less drastic actions will be too little and too late.)

Dale L. Berry

Grants, N.M.


Disillusioned by Alex Jones Number

I used to subscribe to your newsletter, but then you did a number on Alex Jones and the 9/11 Truth movement (Extra!, 2/11). It is hard for me to believe in you when you join with the corporate media in completely suppressing doubts about the 9/11 official story. As the Pew Research polls show, most of the rest of the world believes that it was done by the US government. You should watch “9/11: The New Pearl Harbor” on the Internet.

Gary Farland

Minneapolis, Minn.