Feb 1 2010

Letters to the Editor

Israel Is Not Iran

You call attention in your January 2010 issue (“NYT’s Double Standard on Nuclear Proliferation”) to the “unfair” treatment of Iran in comparison to Israel regarding the nuclear issue. You forget that Iran is a signatory to the international non-proliferation treaty. Israel is not. Neither the IAEA nor the international community can compel Israel to adhere to a treaty which it did not sign.

How about hard-assing Pakistan and India on non-proliferation?

The present Iranian regime wants to destroy Israel. Israel doesn’t give a damn whether Iran exists or not. Only that it should not be dangerous.

Martin Brooks Wain

Oneonta, N.Y.

The Glory of Brit Hume

Peter Hart’s article on Lou Dobbs (“Hasta la Vista, Lou Dobbs,” 1/10) shows the extent CNN permitted all kinds of distortion of facts as long as the viewers “bought” it. Fox News is doing the same thing by allowing the likes of Brit Hume to mutter inane statements.

His most “glorious” was during Dan Rather’s imbroglio over George Bush’s avoidance of enlisting for Vietnam duty. Mr. Hume said something to the effect that we should stop picking on Bush and it is a moot point now, as Mr. Bush has proved himself by successfully (?) launching two wars, etc.

It is this same Brit Hume who has insulted tens of millions of Buddhists by telling Tiger Woods that Buddhism has no mechanism for asking for forgiveness, and hence he should convert to Christianity. I wonder if Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s Chinese wife is a practicing Buddhist, and, if so, hasta la vista Brit Hume.

G. M. Chandu

Queens, N.Y.

Exceptional on Healthcare Money

Thanks to Daniel Ward for occasionally mentioning our June 14 story in his piece headlined “The Money Taboo in Health Reform Coverage” (11/09). I would have liked it even better if the story had made it more clear that our coverage was one of the notable exceptions in confronting the issue of the influence of healthcare industry money and outlining the dough that went to Baucus, Grassley, Ted Kennedy, the president and others.

Also, for future reference, the Montana Standard is just one of the four papers that the story appeared in on June 14 (and the smallest of the four papers). The Billings Gazette is our largest paper (and the largest daily paper in Montana). The second-largest, the Missoulian, is also part of our group.

Mike Dennison

Lee Newspapers State Bureau

Helena, Mont.

No Naked Nazis

I would like to compliment your organization and writer Julie Hollar on her excellent, well-balanced and thoroughly researched article “Putting the Public Back in Public TV” (11/09).

As a public access center manager, it is always painful to read the typical mainstream media coverage of Public, Ed-ucation and Government television, as the authors inevitably focus on the tiny percentage of controversial sexual and hate-speech programming, while ig-noring the vast amount of appropriate and vital programming that is the only true local TV content in many communities.

Those of us who work in community media call these hack jobs the “naked Nazis syndrome,” so it is always refreshing to read a serious examination of PEG access.

Alan Sutterfield

Station Manager, Santa Maria Community Television

Santa Maria, Calif.


FAIR’s magazine is remarkable: It seems I’ve learned more about national and international news by reading it for 20 minutes than by reading the Des Moines Register for six months. How can I subscribe?

Jordan Scheibel

Grinnell, Iowa


The chart on page 10 in the February issue of Extra! should have been attributed to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism.