Aug 1 2010

Letters to the Editor

‘Progressive Farmer’ an Agri-Business Front

I am from Blair, Nebraska, a short 10-minute drive from Omaha. When I read the letter (6/10) from Todd Neeley, “staff reporter for DTN/The Progressive Farmer; A Telvent Brand,” I was amazed to find this person and organization treated as if they were somewhat as claimed.

Todd Neeley should be listed as a propagandist for the ethanol industry along with his so-called organization “The Progressive Farmer.” When he takes you to task for your reporting on ethanol and agriculture he is siding not with “progressive” farmers but with Agri-Business, which has a huge stake in factory farming, alcohol production and governmental subsidies of all involved therein. Telvent is a corporation highly involved in pushing alcohol fuels despite their questionable value for fuel and their obvious thirst for water, both in production and in crop use.

Maybe you assumed your readers would Google this or know that all was not right with his letter, but to give so much space to a person/organization without calling a spade a spade bothers me a little.

Stephen P. Horn

Blair, Neb.

The Mad Tea Party

Thanks for “Journalists Heart Tea Party” (5/10). I think that from the start, it has always been the Mad Tea Party—and I don’t mean angry! All of those in the Tea Party movement are madder than the Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse combined. Also, they have been modern day, real-life Pied Pipers of Hamelin, leading their way to wherever they want to go.

Howard S. Yee

Minneapolis, Minn.

Historical Misquoter Just a State Rep

When Mr. Rendall (“The Right’s Library of Fake Quotes,” 4/10) mentioned Sally Kern’s appropriation of the fake “Madison” quote in the Tulsa World in June of 2009, he referred to her as a U.S. representative. Thankfully for all reasonable and sane members of my state, this is not accurate. Mrs. Kern is, in fact, a state representative, where she does quite enough damage to our reputation, thank you. The thought of her being in the actual congress sent shivers down my spine.

Paul Franson

Oklahoma City, Okla.

(not in Kern’s district, though, thank )

NYT Rewriting Iraq War History

A line in a New York Times story of June 4, 2010 (“Obama, the Oil Spill and the Chaos Perception”) caught my attention, and I thought you might want to comment on it as an example of the Times’ deceptive treatment of its record as a promoter of the WMD fantasies that led to the second invasion of Iraq.

The relevant words appear in paragraph 6, which begins, “Similarly, George W. Bush was undone, during his second term, not only by a sluggish economy or the failure to find biological weapons in Iraq….”

The principal danger from Iraq, according to the promoters of a war of regime change, was weapons of mass destruction, a category that contains biological weapons, but which is notable for meaning to most observers nuclear weapons. Neither nuclear weapons nor any of the industrial infrastructure necessary for their fabrication were found in Iraq. So why does the Times write of the “failure to find biological weapons,” as if that were the signal flaw in the rationale for the Iraq War?

I would say that the Times hopes in this way to throw a bit more dust in the eyes of those who recall the war propaganda authored by Judith Miller, Michael Gordon and lesser lights on the Times staff in the final years of the 20th century and the early years of this. I would say that the Times would like us to forget its role in justifying an enterprise that could not be justified by fact and evidence that competent and honest journalists could have elicited. And so we get this Orwellian rewrite of the history of 2001-03 encapsulated in the words “biological weapons in Iraq.”

Alan Bickley

Madison, Wisc.

Love for FAIR

I love you love you love you! Thank God for your exposing the cockroaches trying to control us and the tapeworm economy they serve! I am indebted to you all. I will contribute again as soon as I can. (Been outta work since November 2008.)

Let’s spread the word as much as possible. You all are AWESOME!

Brian Eden

via Internet