Jan 1 2015

Hillary Clinton and the Feminism of Exclusion

Media don't ask which women she crusades for

Hillary Clinton as secretary of State: Which women did she represent? (Photo: Chad McNeeley/DoD)

Hillary Clinton’s version of feminism is one of exclusion, serving state power and capital under the banner of gender equality.

Jan 1 2015

Spinning Tuition Hikes as a Clash of Politicians

California's privatization drive escapes scrutiny

UC Berkeley, tuition hikes

Corporate media did little to contextualize the University of California tuition hikes within the regents’ broader turn toward privatization. Nor did they report on the robust student movement against privatization that contributed to student mobilization.

Jan 1 2015

Media and the ‘Melting Pot’

Putting a harmonious spin on gentrification

Spike Lee, gentrification, CNN

Not only does the melting pot cliché erase the presence of people in “undiscovered” neighborhoods, but it glosses over the structural reasons why they are now “gritty” and “forgotten.”

Jan 1 2015

Mexican Students Didn’t Just ‘Disappear’

Describing them as 'missing' is missing the context

Ayotzinapa, Mexico

The majority of English-language news accounts have failed to provide a deeper context concerning the failed war on drugs and the use of forced disappearances as a repressive state tactic, and employ language that often criminalizes the disappeared students.

Dec 1 2014

Ebola Story Puts Old Fears in New Virus

Behind media obsession, a sad old story of poverty and priorities


Ebola is less a story about a bizarre new disease and its unpredictably disastrous capacities, and more a sad old story about poverty and priorities.

Dec 1 2014

‘There Really Is No Recovery’

Richard Wolff on the state of the economy

Economist Richard Wolff

“The mass of lower- and middle-income folks basically have watched a ‘recovery’ that bypassed the vast majority of the American people.”

Dec 1 2014

The ‘Center’ Always Holds

After midterm losses, media--of courses--advice Dems to move right

Joni Ernst, 2014 midterm elections

With the Democrats suffering substantial losses in the 2014 midterm elections, pundits and political journalists offered the same advice as always: Move to the right.

Dec 1 2014

Forgetting Ferguson

Mainstream media move on from a movement

Ferguson October, Michael Brown

After the first few weeks of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, during which corporate media were forced to show the country and the world the extent of America’s militarized police state, those media largely moved on.