Oct 01 2014

Both Sides Now

Plans to ease poverty don't have to work--so long as they're bipartisan

Paul Ryan

Instead of stressing cuts to poverty programs as a way to balance the budget, Ryan was now pushing them as a way to tackle poverty. This, in the eyes of many news outlets, was a welcome shift toward “bipartisanship.”

Sep 01 2014

At Elite Media, ‘Scientific’ Racists Fit in Fine

Nicholas Wade’s NYT science writing thrilled white supremacists

Farmers in Ghana

Nicholas Wade’s embrace of the pseudoscience of eugenics raises questions about his tenure at the New York Times, and about corporate media vigilance when it comes to racism.

Sep 01 2014

Computer Error

‘Turing test’ press release fools media into thinking it’s news

Robotic head (cc photo: Felix Petersen)

The Goostman affair was embarrassing for news outlets that had to walk back their initial excitement, but more worryingly, it pointed up the dangers of “stenography journalism.”

Sep 01 2014

Israel, Gaza and False Balance

Media construct a symmetry of violence where none exists

ABC's 'Israeli' family

Striving for a deceptive “balance,” US media miscast the devastating violence of Israel’s attacks on Gaza and obscured the lopsided nature of the death toll.

Sep 01 2014

A Shared Culture of Conflict of Interest

Elite media don’t see Human Rights Watch’s closeness to power as a problem

Kenneth Roth

Human Rights Watch’s conflicts of interest contribute to a culture of normalizing and accommodating the extreme power that the United States arrogates to itself.

Sep 01 2014

‘A Chain of Desperation’

Laura Carlsen on the crisis of refugee children


CounterSpin asked Laura Carlsen of the Americas Program of the Center of International Policy what deeper coverage would add to the story of immigrant refugee children in terms of context and history.

Sep 01 2014

Missing a Killer’s Connections

Misogynistic murders also fueled by racism—and a hateful online community

Elliot Rodger, New York Post

Media outlets whitewashing reality are doing a disservice to their readers and help guarantee that Elliot Rodger’s perverse combination of violent racism and sexism will live on with little challenge.

Jul 01 2014

RACE LENS: White, White, Don’t Tell Me

NPR's bumbling attempts at diversity

Tell Me More, Michel Martin, NPR

NPR’s historic issue with its lack of diversity isn’t likely to be fixed by their new boss.