Jul 01 2014

The One-Sided Culture War Against Children

Left and right unite against ‘kids who want it all’

Trophies (cc photo: Brad K)

On topics related to children, even liberals tend to hold positions whose premises are deeply conservative.

Jul 01 2014

It Will Be Facebook’s Virtual World

Will we just live -- and work -- in it?

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality is an idea that’s more poised for major social takeover than the lay-person might realize, and Facebook’s control over its future is, given the website’s relationship with its users, cause for concern.

Jul 01 2014

Spinning Away Israel ‘Gaffes’

Damage control for Christie and Kerry's inadvertent honesty

John Kerry in Jerusalem (photo: State Department)

In recent months, media consumers have received a heavy dose of spin masking the reality of Israeli policy, as journalists rushed to cover Chris Christie’s and John Kerry’s utterances on the country.

Jul 01 2014

Study Confirms Our Wealth-Controlled Politics

News suppressed by our wealth-controlled media

Hundred-dollar bills (cc photo: Ervins Strauhmanis)

American democracy may be in worse shape than you think, according to a new university study. Researchers could find no sign that the public’s views had any impact at all on public policy–while the influence of the wealthy was plainly evident.

Jul 01 2014

SoundBites July/August 2014

Ann Coulter, climate change

Worst Climate Coverage Ever? What’s worse than having climate scientists debate denialists as if they both were legitimate points of view? Leaving out the scientists and letting global warming denial speak unrebutted. That’s what CNN (OutFront, 5/21/14) did when it brought on a right-wing provocateur as the lone guest to respond to a gameshow host’s Twitter-based attack (5/19/14) on climate science: “And ahead, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak says global warming alarmists are unpatriotic. Tonight, Ann Coulter tells us why she agrees.” Keystone XL’s ‘Symbolic’ Climate Destruction The Washington Post’s Paul Kane (5/4/14) reported that the Keystone XL “pipeline’s […]

Jul 01 2014

Who Gets to Speak on Cable News?

The identity of the whitest, malest show we found may surprise you


A survey of major cable news discussion programs shows a stunning lack of diversity among the guests.

Jun 01 2014

Advertising, Death Anxiety and Speculative Black Holes

Media's obsession with the missing Malaysian plane

Flight 370, MH370, Malaysian plane

The inexplicable disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 on March 8 provided a golden opportunity for commercial news outlets to score eyeballs and raise profit margins.

Jun 01 2014

Even GOP Attention Can’t Make Media Care About Poor

50 million in poverty get a fraction of the coverage of 482 billionaires


With poverty at 15 percent, inequality rising and Republican politicians talking about addressing the problem by cutting federal programs that help the poor, one might expect poverty to occupy a solid spot on media agendas.