Jan 1 2006


‘A Hell of a Time Getting Published’

“After reading your May issue on the Persian Gulf War coverage [Extra!, 5/91], I thought you might be interested in the attached. My editor and I had a hell of a time getting this published in our own newspaper and as far as I know, only the Seattle Times and a paper in Huntsville, Ala. picked it up. The great irony of this story, of course, is that at the same time George Bush was whipping the public into a love-fest for The Troops, his lawyers were going to court to screw their widows and orphans, for the benefit of one of the worst government contractors in the country. Keep up the terrific work.”

San Jose Mercury News’s Gary Webb (letter, 5/3/91)

Questioning Crippling Myths

“It is so important that we have an organization like FAIR: to challenge the crippling social myths that the right promulgates so successfully, to question the ‘values’ of an infotainment media, to expose the shoddy treatment that women and minorities receive in the press, and to appeal for a diverse and intelligent media that we all deserve and desperately need.”

—Susan Faludi (2/8/97)

He Doesn’t Get Out Much

“That’s the most left-wing group in America!”

—Pat Buchanan (MSNBC, 7/24/02)

Too Often Agreeing

“I believe the work of FAIR is, indeed, extremely fair. Not only is the work of this fine organization well-researched and articulated, but it is necessary. I say this as an ABC correspondent (based in Los Angeles for World News Tonight and Nightline) whose network is often skewered by this organization. Often (too often!) I agree with their criticism. Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting stands alone in countering the myriad media critics on the far right…. Now and then, their criticisms are on target, as well, but I strongly believe we need a counterbalance. FAIR provides that.”

—Judy Muller, ABC News (Letter to FAIR, 1997)

The Feeling Is Mutual

“I’m a little skeptical of their credibility.”

—Brit Hume, Fox News Channel (Washington Post, 7/2/01)

Grading the Media

“As a working journalist, I know that balance, perspective and a critical eye are simultaneously what are most crucial to honest reportage and, often what are most easily lost in the rush to get a story done. . . . The work of FAIR has been invaluable in helping me to keep that balance. The arrival of Extra! each month is analogous to a collective report card for those in the business of journalism. It tells me which stories hit the mark, which missed, and why.”

—Jill Nelson (2/9/97)

Note the Use of Irony

“A left-wing group with the phony name of FAIR . . . shoddy, unprofessional and unfair.”

PBS’s Jim Lehrer, (6/18/90; Boston Globe, 7/12/90)

Serving the Public Interest

“FAIR has done an exceptional job in media monitoring and criticism, maintaining a high quality research effort, effectively tapping academic analysts as well as media participants, and avoiding stridency, preaching and political bias. [FAIR is] a notable example of the kind of critical and constructive media organization that serves an essential democratic function, that we need to encourage and supplement if we are to democratize the media and make it more a servant of the larger public interest.”

—Edward S. Herman (2/10/97)

Truest Thing He’s Ever Said

“I got creamed by those clowns at FAIR.”—Rush Limbaugh (9/25/96)

Guardian of Impartiality

Extra! is fearless and essential—and also utterly responsible, meticulous about accuracy both in detail and in content. . . . [FAIR is] the most consistent guardian we have not only of dissent but of impartiality.”

—Jonathan Kozol (3/10/97)

Pro-Bear FAIR

“Report: Media Coverage of Bear Attacks May Be Biased. NEW YORK—According to a report released Monday by the media watchdog group Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, U.S. media coverage of bear attacks is biased, with 98 percent of such reports taking the side of the attacked humans. ‘The media in this country are blatantly anti-bear,’ FAIR director Lynette Pierce said. ‘Virtually every time a bear is taunted, harassed or provoked into lashing out at humans, the bear is depicted in the media as the aggressor.’ The report went on to state that out of the 411 cases of bear-human conflicts in the last year, humans were victorious in 410 cases.”

The Onion (6/16/99)

Tools for Deliberation

“People often talk about building a more democratic society in America, rooted in a more informed citizenry, equipped with the tools needed for reasoned deliberation. FAIR is actually doing this.”

—Joel Rogers, author, Right Turn

How to Get a Show on MSNBC

“I wouldn’t say Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting is a watchdog group. It’s a left-wing pressure group.”

—Tucker Carlson (MSNBC, 7/6/05)

How Not to Get a Show on MSNBC

“Viva FAIR! May you live forever, may the stones that you are dropping in the water make bigger and bigger ripples in our culture. May you lead us to a return to the vision of the framers about which so many in government are so often bragging—we want to get back to the Bill of Rights, we want to get back to insuring that America has a free, robust, cacophonous, sometimes nasty, sometimes difficult-to-love press that goes out there and gets the story that nobody else is getting.”

—Phil Donahue on FAIR’s 15th Anniversary at Town Hall, New York City (1/22/02)