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December 21, 2012: The history of the Second Amendment, the New York Times ♥ fracking and Syria’s WMDs

Photo credit: National Archives/FlickrPhoto credit: National Archives/Flickr

Photo credit: National Archives/Flickr

December 14, 2012: Syria’s chemical weapons, financial transactions tax is a non-issue and ABC’s press release for its parent company’s new theme park

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

December 7, 2012:

Bradley Manning trial blackout, raising taxes

on the rich and USA Today covers poverty and $450 gift cards

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

November 30, 2012: CBS and CEOs, AP on a “secret” Iranian graph and the New York Times miscounts drone deaths

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

November 16, 2012: Getting Israel/Palestine timelines wrong, falling off of the Farcical Cliff and David Gregory explains why Obama should embrace corporate CEOs

David Gregory--Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

David Gregory–Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

November 9, 2012: Obama’s non-mandate, false balancing the Final Factcheck and Hurricane Sandy means climate change isn’t an issue

79th St. after Hurricane Sandy--Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

79th St. after Hurricane Sandy–Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

October 26, 2012: Obama’s “racist” campaign ad, PBS on Iran and Joe Klein on four-year-olds getting killed

Joe Klein--Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Joe Klein–Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

October 19, 2012: Factchecking debate moderators, Chris Matthews on respect and advertisers are writing the news

Chris Matthews--Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Chris Matthews–Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

October 12, 2012: Hugo Chavez wins election, New York Times versus chronological order and the Washington Post explains how fracking fixes climate change

Hugo Chavez--Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Hugo Chavez–Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

October 5, 2012: Time fails at factchecking, Huge Chavez hugs his children in public and the (American) costs of war

Time's 10/15/12 cover--Photo Credit: Time

Time’s 10/15/12 cover–Photo Credit: Time

September 28, 2012: Is the Afghanistan surge ending? Professor Netanyahu’s red line and the Washington Post responds to criticism about its Big Oil-purchased energy “debate” from Sept. 11, 2012

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu draws a red line--Photo Credit: Al Jazeera

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu draws a red line–Photo Credit: Al Jazeera

September 21, 2012: OWS anniversary fails to impress corporate media, NATO strike causes civilian deaths in Afghanistan and FBI stops another FBI-designed terror plot

Protester at OWS Anniversary--Photo Credit: New York Magazine/Google Images

Protester at OWS Anniversary–Photo Credit: New York Magazine/Google Images

September 14, 2012: Chicago teachers versus corporate media, New York Times won’t say “torture” and the Washington Post showcases a non-debate sponsored by Big Oil

Chicago Teachers Strike--Photo Credit: Firedoglake

Chicago Teachers Strike–Photo Credit: Firedoglake

September 7, 2012: The continued threat posed by Iran, PBS questions union leaders on why union members won’t simply “accept the same cuts as other workers” and Romney spent time in France instead of Vietnam

Young Mitt Romney in France--Photo Credit: Telegraph

Young Mitt Romney in France–Photo Credit: Telegraph

August 31, 2012: Paul Ryan’s religious values, Bill O’Reilly isn’t in the business of promoting any political party when he covers the conventions and NPR reporters are “lied to everyday, all day”

Paul Ryan--Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Paul Ryan–Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

August 17, 2012: Media ♥ Paul Ryan, Obama will “just send you a welfare check” and NPR’s ties to banks

President Barack Obama--Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

President Barack Obama–Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

August 10, 2012: Gymnastics and the election, a Grenadian Olympian and historical revisionism, and Harry Reid as Joe McCarthy

U.S. Senator Harry Reid--Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

U.S. Senator Harry Reid–Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

August 3, 2012: The “You didn’t build that” lie, Latin America’s democratically-elected “authoritarians” and PBS fails to include people with disabilities in its special segment on people with disabilities

RNC 2012--Photo Credit: TVworthwatching.com/Google Images

RNC 2012–Photo Credit: TVworthwatching.com/Google Images

July 20, 2012: David Gergen’s ties to Bain, searching for a “Palestinian Ghandi” and the Post’s fake news about OWS

New York Post 7/11/12--Photo credit: New York Post/Google Images

New York Post 7/11/12–Photo credit: New York Post/Google Images

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