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Our sold-out anniversary celebration in New York with Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore inspired us.

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Activists and academics tell us they’re drawing on FAIR’s expertise and experience.

FAIR’s analysis has even made it into major media outlets like NPR and the Washington Post.

We have documented and debunked media attacks on workers in Wisconsin and beyond. We challenged the media’s pro-war tilt from Afghanistan to Libya. And we pushed back against the media panic about runaway debts and deficits, used to veil an attack on popular programs like Social Security.

FAIR had already called out corporate media’s love affair with right-wing Tea Party protests. So what happened when Occupy Wall Street burst onto the scene? Not much, at first, in the press. FAIR asked the question, “What if the Tea Party Occupied Wall Street?”

And things changed in a hurry. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of activists, the media conversation on class and inequality was turned around, making more space for the voices of those challenging the status quo.

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