Feb 3 2016

As Much as Media Would Like Them to, Trump’s Supporters Are Unlikely to Evaporate

Donald Trump rally (cc photo: Gage Skidmore)

The people who are most enthusiastically behind Trump have real problems with real consequences; they’re not likely to forget about them because Ted Cruz had a better get-out-the-vote operation in Iowa.

Feb 2 2016

Even Praising His Political Skills, Washington Post Still Side-Eyes Sanders

Washington Post: "Why Bernie Sanders Won Over This First-Time Caucus Goer"

Even in a piece that charts Sanders’ success in galvanizing new voters, political reporter Karen Tumulty still manages to side-eye the candidate with the observation that “Republicans are not the only voters looking for qualities beyond experience and electability.”

Feb 1 2016

‘Single Payer Saves Money by Saying No to the Insurance Industry’

CounterSpin interview with Steffie Woolhandler on media attacks on single payer

Steffie Woolhandler (photo: Rick Friedman)

“We’re paying for national health insurance and we’re just not getting it…. We’re already paying more per capita than the total cost of healthcare, public and private, for any other nation on the earth.”

Feb 1 2016

‘The Way Corporate Media Use the Word “Center” Is Not the Way Ordinary People Use It’

BradCast: Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump

Brad Friedman of the BradBlog wrote up his interview with FAIR’s Jim Naureckas for his radio show the BradCast.

Jan 31 2016

Where Did the Years Go? NYT Dismisses Experience of ‘Fringe’ Candidates

New York Times: Bernie Sanders volunteer in Iowa

The dichotomy the New York Times draws between the “experienced” and “proven” candidates and presumably inexperienced, unproven outsiders doesn’t stand up to much scrutiny.

Jan 31 2016

Reporting on Panamanian Truth Commission, Al Jazeera Cites FAIR’s 1990 Work

Colin Powell in Panama

Writing in Al Jazeera about Panama’s establishment of a truth commission to investigate the consequences of the 1989-90 US invasion of that country, Belén Fernández cites FAIR’s 1990 critique of invasion coverage.

Jan 31 2016

CNN’s Double-Dealing in Des Moines

Chris Cuomo confronts Bernie Sanders at CNN town hall (Image: Young Turks)

The kind of question CNN’s Christopher Cuomo asked Bernie Sanders at CNN’s Iowa town meeting were quite different from the kind Cuomo asked Hillary Clinton.

Jan 30 2016

Media Attacking Single-Payer Are Getting Paid Under Current Health System

Bernie Sanders as depicted by Vox

Many of the outlets pushing back on single payer are owned by large media corporations with sizable investments in private healthcare and its current neoliberal iteration, the Affordable Care Act. They have not just a political and ideological incentive to maintain private healthcare, but a tremendous financial one as well.