Aug 28 2015

Katrina’s ‘Golden Opportunity’: 10 Years of Corporate Media Celebrating Disaster

New York Katrina illustration

Many pundits seem to feel New Orleans’ post-Katrina “miracle” was not just an incidental positive but was, all things considered, worth the 1,800 people killed and the 100,000 African-Americans permanently ejected from the city.

Aug 28 2015

Felicia Kornbluh on ‘Welfare Reform’ Anniversary

Bill Clinton signing the "welfare reform" bill

Elite media, having championed hard for the dismantling of the safety net known as “welfare reform,” were markedly less interested in tracking the human fallout.

Aug 25 2015

NYT: Not Believing in Climate Change Is Like Believing in Food Shortages

Children being fed in Kenya (cc photo: FMSC)

Is not believing in climate change today really like believing that unchecked population growth would lead to food shortages? Contrary to the New York Times’ David Leonhardt, global food shortages are a serious problem.

Aug 25 2015

Media and Nuclear Deal Opponents Continue to Spread Debunked Myth Iran Will Monitor Itself

hill iran inspect itself

A now-debunked story by Associated Press reported that Iran would be inspecting itself. The piece, in its first draft, was full of errors and distortions. But its supposed revelations filled the airwaves.

Aug 24 2015

The Stock Market Is Not the Economy

Shanghai Stock Exchange (cc photo: Aaron Goodman)

The stock market is not even in principle supposed to be a measure of economic activity. It is supposed to represent the present value of future profits.

Aug 24 2015

LA Times’ ‘Independent’ Education Project Bankrolled by Charter School Backers

Wasserman Foundation: Education

The problem with the LA Times’ Education Matters project is that, despite its promise to create “independent journalism,” several of the organizations funding it have a direct stake in a very specific education reform agenda.

Aug 21 2015

Two Candidates Surge in 2016 Polling–but Only Trump, Not Sanders, Fascinates Media


Two dark horse candidates opposed by party insiders began a substantial surge in campaign polls around the beginning of July. Yet corporate media show a fascination with just one of these characters.

Aug 21 2015

ACTION ALERT: NYT Says ‘Pro-Israel Community’ Opposes Iran Deal–Ignoring Actual Opinions

Jerrold Nadler(photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

The New York Times’ description of a “pro-Israel community intensely opposed to the [Iran] deal” is contradicted by polls of Jewish- American opinion.