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Aug 01 2012

You Didn’t Build That–or Say It

In election attacks, 'working' trumps true

Sometimes the problem with corporate media’s coverage of elections is the absence of factchecking. And then there are times when the problem is more fundamental than that–when reporters suspend a minimal level of critical judgment in order to allow a political campaign to set a preferred storyline. Recent campaign coverage has focused on a supposed Barack Obama “gaffe” that was made to appear to be an attack on small business owners.

Aug 01 2012

Islamophobia, Antisemitism and the Demonized ‘Other’

Parallels among bigotries reflect the conspiratorial mindset

Salman Rushdie--Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons/David Shankbone

Republican hopeful Mitt Romney is portrayed by online bigots as a Manchurian Candidate for a secretive cabal of Mormon elites—echoing anti-Catholic conspiracy theories about John F. Kennedy being a wind-up toy for the Vatican. Meanwhile, a chain letter currently being circulated warns that the “American Government is under the command and control of…the Freemasons and Leadership of the Catholic Church.” There are right-wing websites and blogs warning that if President Barack Obama is re-elected, hordes of scheming fanatic Muslims plan to impose Sharia law and turn America into a totalitarian socialist/Nazi theocratic state. Other websites and blogs warn that Obama […]

Nov 05 2010

Jim Naureckas on elections, Chris Kromm on ”vote fraud”


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: The midterm tidal wave. As it stands, and as you’ve no doubt heard by now, Republicans have retaken the House and picked up seats in the Senate. The corporate media consensus is pretty clear: Voters wanted to send a message to Barack Obama and the Democrats, and that message is something along the lines of, “You went too far, you tried to do too much.” Which fits perfectly with the standard media line on the Democrats needing to move to the right. Does the actual vote match up to the post-election media spin? We’ll […]

Sep 01 2009

Letters to the Editor

The Future of Journalism I welcomed Extra!’s special issue on the future of journalism and especially enjoyed Jim Naureckas’ piece, in which he rightly points out: Giant for-profit companies do not have the same interests as the public at large. And if any sort of entity is able to set aside its own interests when reporting the news, it’s not going to be institutions that are required by law to seek the highest level of profit in everything they do…. In short, the quality of news we get is about what you’d expect to get from the kind of media […]

Apr 09 2009

Frontline Responds on Sick Around America

In the wake of a FAIR Action Alert (4/6/09), Frontline has responded to critics of its documentary Sick Around America, defending the film’s focus on mandatory private health insurance and its exclusion of the single-payer option. (Frontline‘s full response follows.) In an email response to FAIR (4/7/09), Frontline characterized FAIR’s charge that the documentary presented mandatory for-profit healthcare as the only alternative to the current U.S. healthcare system as “untrue” because the film’s narrator acknowledged that “other developed countries bar health insurance companies from making profits on basic care and cap their administrative costs.” While it’s true that FAIR’s alert […]

Oct 01 2008


How Islamophobes spread fear, bigotry and misinformation Smearcasting: How Islamophobes spread fear, bigotry and misinformation By FAIR October 2008 Researched and written by Steve Rendall, Isabel Macdonald, Veronica Cassidy and Dina Marguerite Jacir Edited by Julie Hollar and Jim Naureckas Smearcasting: Table of Contents Making Islamophobia Mainstream: How Muslim-bashers broadcast their bigotry 4 The Dirty Dozen: Who’s Who Among America’s Leading Islamophobes 8 David Horowitz 8 Robert Spencer 8 Daniel Pipes 10 Michael Savage 10 Pat Robertson 11 Sean Hannity 11 Bill O’Reilly 12 Mark Steyn 13 Steve Emerson 14 Michelle Malkin 14 Glenn Beck 15 Debbie Schlussel 16 Case Studies 18 Islamofascism: A fringe term […]

Jan 18 2005

CBS Error, But Not Bias

Baltimore Sun

NEW YORK – Judging from the amount of coverage it has received, it would seem as if the CBS investigation into its flawed report on President Bush’s Air National Guard service was the most important media issue facing the country. Shortly after the report about Mr. Bush’s Guard service aired on 60 Minutes Wednesday in September, right-wing commentators and internet bloggers claimed that the documents supporting the CBS report were fraudulent and predictably pointed to the episode as evidence of “liberal media” bias. That the segment was presented by CBS anchor Dan Rather added fuel to the fire, since Mr. […]

Jan 04 1995

The Martin Luther King You Don’t See on TV


It’s become a TV ritual: Every year in mid-January, around the time of Martin Luther King’s birthday, we get perfunctory network news reports about “the slain civil rights leader.” The remarkable thing about this annual review of King’s life is that several years — his last years — are totally missing, as if flushed down a memory hole.