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Jul 24 2009

David Swanson on healthcare reform, Harold Meyerson on California’s budget crisis


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: “Obama May Have To Wait for Health Reform” explained one July 22 headline. Leave it to corporate media to take a life-and-death issue for millions of Americans and reduce it to an item on a president’s wish list. But if they’re going to mainly cover healthcare policy as inside the Beltway politicking, how good a job are they doing even of that? We’ll hear from activist and author David Swanson about the current state of play in healthcare reform efforts and what the media may have to do with it. Also on the show: […]

Sep 15 2008

The Myth of Pro-Obama Media Bias

Little evidence for self-proclaimed ‘lovefest’

If there has been one unquestioned assumption of the 2008 election, it is that the media love Barack Obama. Rush Limbaugh declared that the media were following Obama with “their tongues dragging along the concrete to the floors.” “Lenin, Stalin never got this kind of coverage from their media,” Limbaugh claimed (7/22/08), which he blamed on the “chickification of our culture and the news business” (7/21/08). Joseph McQuaid, publisher of the conservative New Hampshire Union Leader, wrote an editorial headlined “Obama Orgy” (7/21/08) that denounced “the outrageous imbalance in the major media’s coverage of the candidates.” Such proclamations bolstered a […]

Aug 1 2008

The ‘Pledge’ That Wasn’t

Misrepresenting Obama's public financing promise

When Barack Obama decided to reject public financing in the general election, corporate media and Republican partisans made an identical attack, claiming that Obama broke a promise to take public funding. Unfortunately, this claim was demonstrably untrue: Obama hadn’t made an unconditional promise to take public financing. The New York Times (6/20/08) referred to Obama’s “decision to break an earlier pledge to take public money.” NPR (All Things Considered, 6/19/08) reported, “Earlier, Obama had said he would participate in public financing if his Republican rival, Arizona Sen. John McCain, did the same.” NPR‘s Weekend Edition host Scott Simon (6/21/08) went […]

Jun 27 2008

John K. Wilson on Obama and public financing, Aziz Huq on FISA ‘compromise’


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Barack Obama flip-flops on public financing. The media was in an uproar over the Democratic presidential candidate’s decision to forego public funding for the general election—a sign to many pundits that Obama’s reformer rhetoric is an illusion. But was it actually a flip-flop? Writer John K. Wilson doesn’t think so. He’ll join us to explain. Also on CounterSpin today, some in the press corps say that the new surveillance law making its way through Congress is a good deal, not just for the telecom companies that it lets off the hook for helping the […]

Jun 19 2008

Remembering Russert

What media eulogies remember--and forget

NBC‘s Meet the Press anchor and Washington bureau chief Tim Russert died of a heart attack on June 13. The outpouring from media and political elites only underscored Russert’s status as one of most important figures in mainstream journalism. But amidst all of the accolades, critical assessments about Russert’s record were scarce. It would be difficult to imagine anyone more admired by fellow journalists. “He was the preeminent political journalist in America,” declared pundit Al Hunt (6/15/08). “He was an American character right from Mark Twain,” offered NBC colleague Chris Matthews (6/15/08). “He had an authority and insight in covering […]

May 6 2008

NYT Again Excludes Critics From Iraq War Discussion

Paper reprises one-sided panel to discuss “Mission Accomplished” The New York Times‘ May 4 Week in Review section featured a discussion of the state of the Iraq War with advocates of that war—-the same advocates who prompted a FAIR action alert on March 17. The following letter was sent to New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt, Op-Ed page editor David Shipley and Week in Review editor Sam Tanenhaus. Their contact information is listed below, as is FAIR’s earlier alert. Clark Hoyt, public editor Sam Tanenhaus, Week in Review editor David Shipley, Op-ed page editor Dear Sirs: On March 16, […]

Mar 17 2008

No Antiwar Voices in NYT ‘Debate’

Look back at Iraq features nine hawkish 'experts'

The New York Times offered a look back at the Iraq War in its March 16 “Week In Review” section that leaned heavily towards pro-war voices. The Times explained to readers: “To mark this week’s fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, the Op-Ed page asked nine experts on military and foreign affairs to reflect on their attitudes in the spring of 2003 and to comment on the one aspect of the war that most surprised them or that they wished they had considered in the prewar debate.” The “experts” who were asked to weigh in all more or less […]

Jan 10 2007

Debating the Iraq ‘Surge’ on PBS

NewsHour panel skews against public opinion

(NOTE: Please see the Activism Update regarding this alert.) With public opinion running heavily against the White House’s planned escalation of the Iraq War, one might think a debate on the issue on public television’s flagship newscast might reflect public sentiment. But the discussion on the January 8 edition of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer skewed in favor of supporters of the Iraq War, only allowing space for muted criticism of the White House’s troop “surge.” The show featured Iraq War hawks Senators Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Cornyn (R-Texas), both of whom support sending additional troops to Iraq—a position […]