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U.S. Media Downplay Fascist Ties of Austria's Haider

Haider's pro-Nazi "gaffes" are no aberration

Joerg Haider's Freedom Party's rise to power as a partner in the Austrian government has gotten a lot of coverage in the U.S. media, but there has been little recognition of it as symptomatic of a resurgence of the extreme right in Europe, and of the implications this may have for European integration. When the Freedom Party won nearly a third of the vote in Austria's national elections last October, it generated front-page coverage in most European newspapers. The Times of London (10/4/99) warned that "Haider's result has thrown [Austrian] politics into turmoil, frightened investors and brought closer to power […]


Happy Birthday, CIA

The press celebrates 50 years of spying and covert action

When the Central Intelligence Agency celebrated its 50th anniversary in September, press coverage spoke of the uncertainty of the spy agency's mission in the post Cold War world. Apparently the press finds itself equally confused; how else to explain the litany of stories venerating the highly controversial CIA as if it were no more than a bumbling ex-president? Over the years, the CIA has amassed a horrific record of fomenting bloodbaths and coups (Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Chile 1973, etc.); rigging or subverting elections (e.g., Italy, Australia, Central America, etc.); and plotting to assassinate foreign leaders (Sihanouk, Lumumba, Castro, etc.). […]


Friendly Fascism: National Media Give David Duke a Face-Lift

"There's no doubt in your mind that Duke is a racist?" bellowed John McLaughlin (McLaughlin Group, 10/25/91). His question was directed at Jack Germond, the token liberal in the Group, who hedged and equivocated, unable or unwilling to state the obvious about Louisiana gubernatorial candidate David Duke. "I don't know whether in his heart he's a racist or not," Germond finally replied. "How do I know that?" The mainstream press generally doesn't like outsiders challenging the two-party political establishment, and most journalists clearly were non kindly disposed toward Duke. But news media consistently deferred to Duke when framing his candidacy, […]


Extra! September/October 1991

  Articles in the print edition B.C.C.I.: The Scandals Behind the Scandal by Martin A. Lee Bush, Syria And The Hostages When will the press follow the trail by Jane Hunter Junior Scholastic Lite News for Students by Jane Schirmer Multicultural Curriculum The monoculture strikes back by Chris Atwell Media Rape Education by Puala Kamen and Steve Rhodes Saturday Morning TV: No Girls Allowed by Anne Bryant Doctors Say Food Ads Unhealthy for Kids Taking Offense at America's Defense Monitor Buthelezei Boosterism Civil Rights as "Quotas" Letting Bush confuse the issues by Lionel McPherson PBS: "Send Us Your Black Republicans, […]


Extra! Special Issue on Labor, Summer 1990

Articles in the print edition Lost in the Margins Labor and the Media by Jonathan Tasini 8 Media Stereotypes About Unions by Jonathan Tasini In Their Own Words: Veteran Labor Reporters Talk About Labor Coverage by Jonathan Tasini The Labor Press: Glasnost Needed by Jonathan Tasini The Great Labor Stories the Media are Missing by Jonathan Tasini Media Owners as Union-Busters by Norman Solomon and Martin A. Lee No Place for Labor on PBS? "Public" TV's Elite Market by Doug Henwood A Call to Media Activism: Interview with FAIR's Jeff Cohen The Media Love Labor... When They're Fighting Environmentalists by […]


Extra! July/August 1990

Articles in the print edition PBS Blues Ex-DEA Agent Calls Drug War a 'Fraud' by Martin A. Lee Media on Peru Turning Counterinsurgency into "Drug War" by Margaret Quigley The New Republic: The Center as Left by Dennis Perrin A Program-by-Program Guise to TV's Political Spectrum Press Distortions in the Battle over Abortion The Environmental Press A Green Alternative by Dick Russell Censored Story: Bush Campaign Cover-up SoundBites Gorbymania Back in the U.S.S.R.? Women Talkshow Hosts AN ENDANGERED SPECIES? by Jennifer Rappaport


Unreliable Sources: Slick Coverage of the Exxon Valdez Spill

In the aftermath of Exxon's 11-million-gallon oil in March 1989, U.S. news media described an Alaskan coast with countless dead animals, decimated plant life, and a massive black blanket covering nearly 1,100 miles of shoreline. But within a few months, a different story gained currency, as reports out of Prince William Sound took on a friendly and forgiving tone. National media began to focus on the damage not done by Exxon's blunder, heralding Big Oil's efforts to preserve Alaska's environment. Out of the jaws of catastrophe, Exxon snatched a news spin increasingly to its liking. During one week in September […]


Saudi Dictator's Death Shows NYT as Pawn of Power

Abdullah, tyrant who beheaded 'sorcerers,' was 'force of moderation'

New York Times Abdullah Obit

"This is a sad day," remarked Secretary of State John Kerry (State Department, 1/22/15) over the death of Abdullah, the dictator of Saudi Arabia. "The United States has lost a friend," he continued, and "the world has lost a revered leader." The monarch--whose regime routinely flogs dissenters and beheads those guilty of "sorcery"--was, in Kerry's words, "a man of wisdom and vision" (BBC, 1/22/15; 6/19/12). Vice President Joe Biden (White House, 1/22/15) announced that he "will be leading a presidential delegation representing the United States to pay our respects." President Barack Obama himself fawned over the late autocrat: "I always […]