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Nov 25 2015

‘You Don’t See Big Changes Without Major Scandals’

CounterSpin interview with Nicholas Kusnetz on state government accountability

Bribe (cc photo:

“There is definitely some difficult incentives built into it when you have people responsible for creating the laws that are going to oversee themselves. There isn’t a lot of momentum often to make changes.”

Nov 24 2015

A Day in the Quality of Life at the Manhattan Institute

The Manhattan Institute's panel on "Quality of Life" (photo: Manhattan Institute)

Last week I rolled up to 7 World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan for a “Quality of Life Panel” hosted by the Manhattan Institute, one of the city’s most influential conservative think tanks.

Nov 13 2015

Media Turn Civilian ISIS Victims in Beirut Into Hezbollah Human Shields

New York Times headline for Beirut bombing--corrected

Two ISIS suicide bombers killed at least 43 people in a heavily Shia Muslim community in Beirut on November 12. The vast majority of the victims were civilians, not armed militants—but many media headlines obscured that fact.

Nov 11 2015

‘Google This’ Is Good Advice From Netanyahu, Since NYT Won’t Check His Claims for You


The New York Times’ Julie Hirschfeld Davis relayed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claims without question–even when Netanyahu himself urged listeners to check up on his assertions:

Oct 28 2015

Buckraking on the Food Beat: When Is It a Conflict of Interest?

Roundup (photo: Charles Platiau/Reuters)

In an age of shrinking newspaper budgets, it’s common for editors to rely on freelance writers–and for freelancers to add to their incomes with side projects. But is it a conflict of interest for a columnist who covers food and agriculture to take money from agrichemical industry interest groups? The issue arose in a September 23 Washington Post chat, when a reader noted an article about the funding of GMO experts, and asked Post food columnist Tamar Haspel to speak to the issue of who pays what for her services. Haspel replied: I speak and moderate panels and debates often, […]

Oct 15 2015

‘How Many Afghans Have to Grow Up Knowing Nothing but War?’

CounterSpin interview with Phyllis Bennis on US bombing of Doctors Without Borders


“There is now no question about US accountability; the real question will be whether there will be anyone held accountable for this decision.”

Oct 14 2015

Pundits Thought Clinton Beat Sanders–but Did Viewers?

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton debate

Pundits who said Hillary Clinton won the first Democratic debate failed to mention that every online poll one could find that asked web visitors who won the debate cast Bernie Sanders as the winner.

Oct 6 2015

NYT Continues to Obscure Responsibility in US’s Bombing of Hospital


Will any high-ranking official in the United States face repercussions over the hospital slaughter? It seems unlikely, given how the New York Times and other US outlets have diffused responsibility for the atrocity.