Sep 24 2015

Digital Apocalypse Not: NYT Celebrates Publishers Deciding They Don’t Want to Sell E-Books

Zombie apocalypse

What’s the explanation for the “surprising resilience of print”? Consumer preference, is the main story the New York Times tells.
But three-quarters of the way through the piece, the real economics of the publishing industry appear.

Sep 23 2015

Meet the Press on Clinton: Focusing on Image, Distracting From Issues

Obama and the Clintons: Meet the Press graphic

The consensus on Meet the Press is that Hillary Clinton’s problem is that she’s not her husband, she lacks his “amazing campaign skills” and is “not very defined for people.” If only she could get some credit for Bill’s “economic legacy.”

But for many of the likely voters who have backed off from Clinton, her problem isn’t that she’s not enough like her husband…but rather that she’s too much like him.

Sep 21 2015

‘We Need Free Speech Protections Across All of Those Networks’

CounterSpin interview with Tim Karr about efforts to undermine net neutrality

Tim Karr

“We’re talking about very powerful phone and cable companies here…. They’ve deployed their lobbyists to try and get Congress to pass new legislation that would somehow take away the FCC’s authority to protect the open internet.”

Sep 20 2015

Down the Memory Hole: NYT Erases CIA’s Efforts to Overthrow Syria’s Government

Free Syrian Army rebels (photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

This past week, two pieces—one in the New York Times, another in Vox—didn’t just omit the fact that the CIA has been arming, training and funding Syrian rebels since 2012, they heavily implied they had never done so.

Sep 18 2015

‘Military Intervention in the Middle East Started This Crisis in the First Place’

CounterSpin interview with Raed Jarrar on the refugee crisis

Raed Jarrar

“Claiming that what’s going on now is happening now because of a lack of US military intervention is laughable. I mean, it’s a joke. We have wasted literally trillions of dollars destroying the Middle East so far.”

Sep 18 2015

NYT Plays Up Risks to Bomber Pilots, Downplays the Civilians They Kill

US Navy pilots on an aircraft carrier (photo: Adam Ferguson/NYT)

The New York Times cites a Navy officer’s assurance that US “bombs hit their intended targets almost all of the time.”
If the reporter had quoted monitoring groups, readers would have gotten a very different picture.

Sep 18 2015

Jesse Hagopian on Seattle vs. Education ‘Reform,’ Rachel Meeropol on Justice for 9/11 Detainees

Seattle Education Association banner (photo: Seattle Education 2010)

Seattle teachers held what looks like a successful strike, 100 percent of one high school class opted out of standardized tests, and the state Supreme Court declared charters unconstitutional. CounterSpin talks to a Seattle teacher about what it all means.

Sep 17 2015

Corporate Press Fails to Trump Bigotry

Donald Trump (photo: Robert Gauthier / LAT)

The outlandish rhetoric of Republican presidential wildcard Donald Trump has left many journalists at a loss for words—words such as bigotry, xenophobia, racism, sexism and demagoguery.