Nov 13 2015

Media Turn Civilian ISIS Victims in Beirut Into Hezbollah Human Shields

New York Times headline for Beirut bombing--corrected

Two ISIS suicide bombers killed at least 43 people in a heavily Shia Muslim community in Beirut on November 12. The vast majority of the victims were civilians, not armed militants—but many media headlines obscured that fact.

Nov 13 2015

Holly Sklar on Minimum Wage Economics, Nicholas Kusnetz on State Government Transparency

Pro-minimum wage business owner

Media usually present the minimum wage issue as workers vs. business, but we’ll get a different angle from Holly Sklar of Business for a Fair Minimum Wage. Plus: What journalists can do about transparency and accountability in state government.

Nov 12 2015

Corporations and Governments Are Still the Real Threats to Free Speech–Not Campus Activists

Protester and journalist at University of Missouri (photo: Daniel Brenner/NYT)

Not to diminish the challenges to free speech that campus controversies pose, but the notion that that they are far more common and threatening than what governments or corporations do is risible.

Nov 12 2015

When Thomas Friedman Ridicules Campaign Economics, the Joke’s on Him

Bernie Sanders,Hillary Clinton debate

While there is much to ridicule in promises being put forward by the presidential candidates, the items to which Thomas Friedman devoted his column don’t fit the bill.

Nov 11 2015

60 Minutes Stands With Secret Keepers Against Those Who Expose Them

60 Minutes screenshot: "Into Dangerous Hands"

Elite journalists all too often have a tendency to identify not with those who expose official secrets but with those who persecute those who expose them

Nov 11 2015

‘Google This’ Is Good Advice From Netanyahu, Since NYT Won’t Check His Claims for You


The New York Times’ Julie Hirschfeld Davis relayed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claims without question–even when Netanyahu himself urged listeners to check up on his assertions:

Nov 10 2015

Bezos’ Stake in Uber Goes Under the Radar at Washington Post

Map in Uber offices

The Washington Post’s sole owner, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is a major shareholder in Uber. While the Post occasionally mentions this glaring conflict when covering Uber, a large majority of its Uber-related articles make no mention of the boss’s stake.

Nov 06 2015

‘The Occupation Doesn’t Stop’

CounterSpin interview with Yousef Munayyer on violence in Israel/Palestine

Yousef Munayyer (image: RT)

“What’s missing is what happens in between and always, and that is the status quo of military occupation, which is itself a system of violence.”