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Oct 22 2015

‘We Need to Look at Food as a Global System’

Ben Burkett of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, with grand-nephew.

“It’s the right to grow, it is the right to live on the land by rural peoples, it is the right of everyone to be able to eat domestically grown food in a way that supports each nation’s economy and the sustenance of its culture.”

Oct 21 2015

‘There’s a Conversation Happening About the Inequities of the Criminal Justice System’

CounterSpin interview with Michele Jawando on criminal justice reform


if we’re a country that holds ourselves out as the shining city on the hill, then we have to look at the damage that we have done to communities, particularly to African-American and Latino, poor communities in this country, because of disparate treatment and policing.

Oct 16 2015

Sanders Goes After Media’s Most Sacred Cow

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton debate

Sanders wasn’t just criticizing Republicans, he was also criticizing media that prioritize sensationalism over basic economic realities.

Oct 16 2015

Michele Jawando on Criminal Justice Reform, Beverly Bell on Food Sovereignty

Image from Tamir Rice video

Taking the Black Lives Matter movement seriously has to mean more than prompting presidential candidates to say the words aloud. CounterSpin talks about some potential elements of an actual criminal justice reform agenda.

Oct 15 2015

‘How Many Afghans Have to Grow Up Knowing Nothing but War?’

CounterSpin interview with Phyllis Bennis on US bombing of Doctors Without Borders


“There is now no question about US accountability; the real question will be whether there will be anyone held accountable for this decision.”

Oct 09 2015

Phyllis Bennis on US Bombing of Afghan Hospital

Kunduz hospital

The hospital attack is not the first of its kind, nor—if we take the advice of generals that the incident means the US should increase its military presence in the country—will it likely be the last. After 14 years of war on Afghanistan, what has the US achieved?

Oct 08 2015

‘Poverty Is Not a Lifelong Identity’

CounterSpin interview with Rebecca Vallas about shaming the poor

Rebecca Vallas

“Fox News is one of the leading offenders in terms of advancing narratives and myths and misperceptions that really can end up being the basis for terrible policy, that hurt…everyone but those at the top of the income ladder.”

Oct 07 2015

‘Polluter Interests Have Been Spending Millions on Disinformation Campaigns’

CounterSpin interview with David Baron about air polluters

David Baron

“It’s sad that an issue of this importance, that affects literally all Americans, has gotten so little attention from our mainstream press.”