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CounterSpin Interview: Mahmood Mamdani on Darfur

Western Media Must Share Responsibility

There is no doubt that intense war and human suffering exists in many places around the world. The war in Congo, for instance, escapes media scrutiny, but is probably the deadliest of our time, killing millions of people. It’s worth considering, then, which conflicts we are told to pay close attention to, and what we are told about those conflicts. The war in Iraq, of course, is heavily covered; the violence in Darfur, less so. But how we talk about these conflicts is very different. CounterSpin talked to Mahmood Mamdani, a professor of government and anthropology at Columbia University who […]


Best of CounterSpin 2006


Download MP3 On this special Best of CounterSpin, program we look back over some of what was news for the mainstream media in 2006—and some of what wasn't news, but should've been. Our guests this year included a range of activists, researchers and journalists—all of whom had an angle on events that we thought worth hearing and, more often than not, one you weren't hearing many other places. Whether the issue was medicare or immigration, Wal-Mart or welfare policy, each in his or her way reminded us of the need to see beyond the narrow, often distorted dialog provided by […]


Best of CounterSpin 2005

Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: On this special CounterSpin program we'll take a look back at some of the stories of the past year, and hear again from a few of the many journalists, activists, researchers and critics that brought those stories to us, or helped us make sense of them. Includes comments from Norman Solomon, Ian Williams, Anthony Riddle, Katha Pollitt, and many more.


Best of CounterSpin 2004

Download MP3 On this special CounterSpin program we'll take a look back at some of the stories of the past year, hearing from just some of the range of journalists, activists, researchers and critics that joined us on the program, to help us decipher those stories, as well as to talk about the way those stories were covered and what that said about journalism. The continued violent occupation of Iraq, despite what was called a "handover of power" in June, is so dangerous to cover that many journalists never seem to leave the Green Zone, yet the Bush White House […]


Pacifica's WPFW Axes CounterSpin

Media Criticism Show Cancelled After Three Earlier Instances of Censorship

Without notice to producers or listeners, the Washington, D.C.-basedPacifica affiliate WPFW has cancelled FAIR's radio show, CounterSpin. FAIR learned of the cancellation early this week when listeners called our offices to ask why the show was not on the air. CounterSpin--a media criticism show--has been censored by Pacifica stationsfive times this year for covering the ongoing crisis at the network. Abrief history: 4/16/99: Los Angeles Pacifica affiliate KPFK refuses to run a CounterSpin featuring Larry Bensky, the recently fired host of Pacifica's Sunday Salon. 4/19/99: WPFW cuts off the CounterSpin broadcast featuring Bensky in mid-interview. *7/16/99: KPFK edits a broadcast […]


CounterSpin Broadcast Halted In-Progress by Pacifica Station WPFW

On April 20th, CounterSpin, the national radio show produced by the media watch group FAIR, was taken off the air while in-progress by WPFW, the Washington, D.C.-based Pacifica affiliate. The show included a segment on media coverage of the use of depleted uranium weapons by NATO forces in the Balkans, followed by an interview with Larry Bensky, a broadcaster recently fired by Pacifica. WPFW aired the depleted uranium segment in its entirety, pulling CounterSpin off the air in the middle of the Bensky interview. Listeners heard an Emergency Broadcasting System announcement, followed by music, which ran for the duration of […]


Counterspin No. 17: October 28, 1992

A Memo on Campaign Coverage From FAIR

POLLS, PERSONALITIES, AND PRIORITIES: The Sunday, Oct. 25, issue of the Washington Post is a good example of what’s been wrong with mainstream election coverage this year. The lead story is a typical horserace article: “Presidential Race Looks Narrower.” Next to that was an examination of Clinton’s personality: “What Kind of President? On Clinton’s Inner Steel, Candor and Conciliation, the Evidence is Conflicting.” And, below that, a story about Ross Perot’s campaign strategy: “Perot Card’s Wild in Game With New Rules.” But a report of newly released documents showing that James Baker had pushed for loans to Iraq, despite warnings […]


Counterspin No. 16: October 21, 1992

A Memo on Campaign Coverage From FAIR

UNLEVEL PLAYING FIELD: That creaking you hear is the sound of the press corps bending over backwards for the Bush/Quayle ticket. One example of what seems to be a deliberately unlevel playing field was NBC’s tally of likely electoral votes for Bush and Clinton (10/19): NBC estimated that Clinton was likely to get at least 247 electoral votes, compared to Bush’s 151. This seems like bad news for Bush, until you note that the count on CBS was 311-14 in favor of Clinton. The difference is that CBS relied on the latest state-by-state polls, while NBC told Counterspin it was […]