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Dec 31 2015

Best of CounterSpin 2015

Highlights of interviews with Keane Bhatt, Jim Naureckas, Carlos Miller, Felicia Kornbluh, Dean Spade and Laura Flanders

Janine Jackson

Selections from interviews from the year just gone that illustrate the practices and policies of elite news media that make it an unlikely arena for a full, vital debate on issues that matter.

Dec 26 2015

Robin Kelley, Malkia Cyril, Richard Rothstein: Do Black Lives Matter to Media?

Black Lives Matter protest (cc photo: The All-Nite Images)

From community rallies around the country to the presidential election, the Black Lives Matter movement has changed the conversation. This week’s CounterSpin revisits a few of our conversations on corporate media’s role in issues of racial justice.

Dec 22 2015

‘The Tendency Is to Just Publish the Police Blotter’

CounterSpin interview with Jamie Kalven on the Laquan McDonald cover-up

Jamie Kalven (image: YouTube via Poynter)

“We have in this society, around issues of race, an extraordinary ability to know things and not know things at the same time…. I think journalists have a critical role in sort of disabling…those strategies of denial.”

Dec 18 2015

Arun Kundnani on Islamophobia & the ‘War on Terror,’ Keane Bhatt on a Tale of Two Elections

Islamophobia (image: City of Anthrax)

The San Bernardino killings have added fuel to an upsurge of Islamophobia in US media and politics that in some ways is worse than that seen in the wake of September 11, 2001.

Dec 18 2015

‘It’s Just One in a Long Series of Attacks on Planned Parenthood’

CounterSpin interview with Jodi Jacobson on Colorado Spring massacre

Today show: Deadly Attack on Planned Parenthood

“In the aftermath of the Planned Parenthood attacks…not only did the Christian right not take any responsibility, we saw several of the people in that community actually egg on perpetrators of violence.”

Dec 15 2015

As December Heat Ends History’s Warmest Year, Media Still Shy Away From the Cause

December cherry blossoms in DC (photo: Bao Dandan/Xinhua Press/Corbis)

As wave after wave of record-breaking high temperatures grips huge swaths of America, media coverage of the December warmth has rarely been willing to discuss its cause.

Dec 12 2015

Credulous Reporting of Deceptive Propaganda Made Planned Parenthood Attack Inevitable

David Daleiden (image: Fox News)

it’s no surprise that the Planned Parenthood videos used the same bag of tricks that James O’Keefe had employed to such success: deceptive editing, false framing, misrepresented visuals. And it’s also not a surprise that corporate media—concerned about seeming “clueless” but even more worried about appearing “partisan”—gave plentiful newshole to their claims,

Dec 11 2015

‘A Woman’s Ability to Pay Her Bills Should Not Be Dependent on the Whims of Customers’

CounterSpin interview with Saru Jayaraman on the lower wage for tipped workers

Saru Jayaraman

“The restaurant industry and the Pullman train company…demanded the right to hire newly freed slaves and not pay them anything and let them live on customer tips.”