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Nov 12 1999

Comments from members of the Feminist Coalition on Public Broadcasting

“In their zeal to placate the Republican Congress and supplement their budget with money from right wing foundations like Olin, Scaife and Bradley, public television decision-makers haven’t just changed directions– they’ve lost the compass. “The ‘gender wars’ series (funded by these same three foundations, and featuring their grantees) was a procession of opinions masquerading as facts, lies presented as truth, and slander disguised as journalism. For PBS management to say that these foundations are not ‘ideological’ demonstrates either ignorance or a profound lack of judgment, or both.” –Kim Gandy, Executive Vice PresidentNational Organization for Women “I love controversy– I am […]

Nov 1 1999

Not All Domestic Violence Studies Are Created Equal

Researchers are "advocates" or "pioneers"--depending on what they find

Recent media responses to a Department of Justice (DOJ) study on domestic violence raise an interesting question: What makes some DOJ studies less “scientific” than others? How can the same agency at times be a bastion of impartial science, and at others be a purveyor of questionable, ideology-driven data? The answer can be found not in the sponsors or the methodology of the studies themselves, but in their results. It isn’t hard to decipher the code: Researchers whose findings show that domestic violence is predominately perpetrated by men to exercise control over their female partners are often “feminist theorists” orchestrating […]

Sep 1 1999

Rally ‘Round the Boys

PBS's National Desk enlists in the 'gender wars'

Throughout April, the PBS public affairs program National Desk presented a three-part series on “the gender wars” that sought to address “whether the advancement of women in virtually all areas of society can be achieved without a retreat, in some way, on the part of men.” Asking the question that way is akin to answering it–with a resounding “No.” Nevertheless, National Desk spent three hours attempting to convince PBS viewers that the series presented an honest, in-depth exploration of gender issues facing contemporary America. Impressive spin for a program that was in reality a wholesale attack against women’s efforts to […]

Jul 1 1999

‘I’d Take Them Out With Sex’

Journalists Trivialize Howard Stern's Advocacy of Rape as 'Insensitivity

It’s hard to find a way to worsen the horror of the school shootings in Littleton, Colorado, but Howard Stern found it–just one day after the murders, on his April 21, 1999 radio show (syndicated by Infinity Broadcasting, a CBS subsidiary). While considering the motives of the male students who murdered 12 classmates and one teacher, the “shock jock” mused: “There were some really good-looking girls running out with their hands over their heads. Did those kids try to have sex with any of the good-looking girls? They didn’t even do that? At least if you’re going to kill yourself […]