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James Weinstein, 1926-2005 "Jim Weinstein was a shining example of a truly independent journalist.... In his own way, he was in the tradition of George Seldes and I.F. Stone and Lincoln Steffens--muckraking journalists who challenged the received wisdom. He always asked 'Why?' and 'Who is behind what?' and 'Where are the bodies buried?' More than ever, we need journalists such as Jim, who insisted that we must think things through, that we must remember the past in order to understand the present and prepare for the future." --Studs Terkel on In These Times founder James Weinstein (AlterNet, 6/19/05) A Shining […]



Journalistic Brown-Nosing: Then.... National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger: Now you know I'm going to be sitting there waiting. ABC's Barbara Walters: You're so full of baloney. How can you be so marvelous, so fantastic, so interesting, so brilliant and so full of.... That's the first question I'm going to ask you. Kissinger: Only if you complete the sentence. Walters (Laughter): I'm glad you're back. --Transcript of a conversation (2/21/73) discussing an upcoming interview (Chicago Tribune, 1/18/05) ...And Now Neil Cavuto, Fox News: But let me talk a little bit about what you think your message is leaving. Many people say […]


It's the Economy, Stupidly

Jobs reporting protects Bush's job

After many months of dismal job creation numbers, three months starting in April produced statistics that George W. Bush could cite positively. With John Kerry having devoted much effort to pointing out the poor economic performance under the Bush administration, the new numbers produced a strong media consensus: The Kerry team would have to change strategy fast. A headline in the Los Angeles Times (6/15/04) suggested that Kerry was ignoring reality by sticking to his focus: "Kerry Sidesteps Job Growth as He Hits Bush on Economy." "Kerry's description of the economic climate ran counter to a substantial pickup in new […]


Another Day, Another Mass Arrest

Media unfazed by erosion of right to assemble

From September 25 to September 29, activists rallied in Washington, D.C. for the first large-scale U.S. protests against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. On Friday, September 27, several hundred people--including activists, bystanders and journalists--were arrested en masse in what appears to have been an illegal and politically motivated detention. For many mainstream media outlets, the arrests were barely worthy of comment. 'We want to leave peacefully' The arrests occurred during the first of the weekend's two most prominent actions, the Anti-Capitalist Convergence's "People's Strike." The ACC ( called on activists […]


Does PBS Consider Women Part of the Public?

Biased Series Spurs Meeting With PBS; FAIR Organizes Feminist Coalition for National Campaign

On November 9, 1999, representatives from a national coalition of over 30 feminist, progressive groups and individuals--including Barbara Ehrenreich, Gloria Steinem, the National Organization for Women, the Feminist Majority Foundation, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and a variety of women and men from the labor, black, Latina and South Asian grassroots communities--met with PBS to discuss why a recent anti-feminist series was presented by the network as impartial journalism. Of particular concern was that the series aired in the context of a PBS lineup that, overall, under-represents women and people of color. Organized by FAIR's Women's Desk, the […]


The Media and the Menopause Industry

Advertising has muted dangers of estrogen therapy

You don’t get product ads unless you praise the product. --Gloria Steinem, founding editor of Ms. In his book Adverse Reactions, Thomas Maeder recalls the philosophy of Harry Loynd, an old-time president of Parke-Davis who was legendarily blunt. Loynd’s oft-repeated motto was “Pills are to sell, not to take.” He regarded physicians as extremely gullible, and lectured his staff, “If we put horse manure in a capsule we could sell it to 95 percent of these doctors.” Were he still among us, Loynd might have a great giggle over the fact that Wyeth-Ayerst’s 50-year-old Premarin, boldly named for its featured […]


Wild in Deceit

Why 'Teen Violence' Is Poverty Violence in Disguise

In previous decades, American politicians and social scientists predicted waves of violence stemming from "impulsive" blacks, volatile Eastern European immigrants, "hot-blooded" Latin Americans, and other groups "scientifically" judged to harbor innately aggressive traits. In each case, the news media joined in vilifying whatever temporarily unpopular minority that politicians and pseudo-science had flocked to blame. And in each case, the branding of disfavored population groups as inherently violent has been disproven. (See Stephen Jay Gould's The Mismeasure of Man for examples.) In each case, violence has been found to be a straightforward function of poverty, income disparity. Here we go again. […]


Limbaugh Responds to FAIR

Responding to FAIR's charges printed by major print media outlets

"Reign of Error: From AIDS to ozone, from Whitewater to the Bible, Limbaugh seems to be able to dissemble and disinform on virtually any subject." -- report from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), listing "dozens of [Limbaugh's] statements and writings it says are inaccurate," Associated Press, June 28, 1994. "Limbaugh's Reign of Error" was printed in EXTRA!, the publication of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. "FAIR" was launched in the summer of 1987 with the financial assistance of The New World Foundation (NWF) which gave FAIR a $2,500 grant that year, according to NWF's 1987-1988 annual report. The Chair […]