Apr 09 2015

Three Fake Myths–and Two Actual Ones–About TPP Trade Pact

TPP nation leaders (photo: Chile)

The ultimate myth is that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is about anything other than corporate profits.

Apr 08 2015

Time Peddles Old Stereotypes With Op-Ed on Iranian ‘Carpet Merchants’

US/Iran talks (photo: Brendan Smialowski/AP)

Time presents an op-ed by former Israeli ambassador to the US Michael Oren that’s an extended analogy likening negotiating with Iran to dealing with a Middle Eastern rug merchant:

Apr 08 2015

Media Were Already Running With Police Fantasy When Video Exploded It

WCSC: 'He Took My Taser'

Before shocking video surfaced of a South Carolina police officer shooting a man in the back, most of the local press coverage, per usual, followed the police’s official narrative and amplified a storyline that, in retrospect, was entirely made up.

Apr 07 2015

Baseball Park Metal Detectors Fail to Set Off Journalists’ BS Detectors

Crowds outside Yankee stadium (NYT photo: Ruth Fremson)

If reporters had asked actual security experts, they’d have found there’s no evidence that walkthrough metal detectors at ballgames make anybody safer — and reason to believe they may even make us less safe.

Apr 06 2015

A Non-Conspiracy of Douthat’s

'Homo Sex Is Sin': Anti-gay protest

The New York Times’ Ross Douthat acknowledges the obvious parallel between gay and interracial marriage–and meets it head on with a full helping of historical ignorance.

Apr 03 2015

Jennifer Wagner on Indiana Law, Darnell Hunt on Race in Hollywood

Freedom Indiana: All Hoosiers Deserve Freedom From Discrimination

How can media cover the backlash against the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act just passed in Indiana without resorting to “some say, others differ”? Plus: The Hollywood press argues that white actors are now being discriminated against.

Apr 01 2015

Media Inflate Threat With ‘ISIS Plots’ That Don’t Actually Involve ISIS

Daily News: ISIS IN B'KLYN

The specter of ISIS constantly trying to enlist dozens of Americans, often for attacks on US soil, is a crucial element in maintaining the current war effort. The media inability to point out that these “plots” are almost always entirely of the FBI’s making helps perpetuate the illusion and inflate perceived risk.

Mar 30 2015

Leading Papers Incite ‘Supreme International Crime’


To advocate for war, as the Washington Post and New York Times op-ed pages have done, is to incite a crime–“the supreme international crime,” as the chief prosecutor at Nuremberg noted.