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Dec 11 2015

After San Bernardino, Some Reporters ‘Poke Around’–While Others Follow the Money


A “bottomless season of nastiness, racist hate-mongering and war fever” has swept through much of the media and political sphere in the wake of the San Bernardino massacre.

Dec 11 2015

Jamie Kalven on the Laquan McDonald Cover-Up

Laquan McDonald autopsy

The video that belied the official story of the police killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, along with an autopsy that also showed police’s initial story to be false, eventually came to light through the work of journalists—but not mainstream journalists;

Dec 7 2015

‘How Do We Move Past a Fossil Fuel-Powered World?’

CounterSpin interview with Janet Redman on climate conference activism

Janet Redman

“Climate change impacts all of us. It impacts both the poorest of us and the wealthiest of us in multiple aspects of our lives: from where we can live to the food we have access to, our safety in our homes and our communities.”

Dec 6 2015

‘Targets Have Very Different Values in the US Media System’

CounterSpin interview with Jim Naureckas on ISIS Attacks

Jim Naureckas (photo: Janine Jackson)

“It was very striking, when we went back and looked at the coverage, how the media were blaming Russia for having ISIS blow up one of its planes.”

Dec 4 2015

A Missed Chance to Connect Paris Massacres, Past and Present

Paris 1961: "Here We Drown Algerians"

It does no dishonor to those killed in Paris last month to acknowledge the ISIS attacks were not “the deadliest violence to strike France since World War II.”

Dec 4 2015

Jodi Jacobson on Colorado Springs and Reproductive Justice


If media’s takeaway from the violent murders of three people at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic, by a man reportedly ranting about “baby parts,” is that “both sides” need to tone down their rhetoric, then women and women’s reproductive rights will be taking a step backward.

Nov 27 2015

Saru Jayaraman on Outlawing the Tipped Minimum Wage

Restaurant worker (cc photo: Daveblog)

There’s a movement to outlaw the “tipped wage” — the idea that a minimum wage of $2.13 is OK, because waitstaff get enough in voluntary tips to make up for it.

Nov 25 2015

‘You Don’t See Big Changes Without Major Scandals’

CounterSpin interview with Nicholas Kusnetz on state government accountability

Bribe (cc photo:

“There is definitely some difficult incentives built into it when you have people responsible for creating the laws that are going to oversee themselves. There isn’t a lot of momentum often to make changes.”