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Mar 01 2014

Letters to the Editor

Missing Context: Capitalism I have been a faithful reader and subscriber for several years. I appreciate your careful analysis of corporate media distortions, standing their upside down coverage on its feet. But recently I’ve concluded that you are guilty of some of the same distortions for which you criticize the mainstream media—an absence of context. You have rightly criticized the MSM for covering bizarre weather without mentioning global climate change (“Weather—Without Climate,” 12/13). By the same token, your analysis of reporting on social and economic problems fails to address their foundation. Capitalism and the capitalist form of ownership are at […]

Feb 01 2014

14th Annual Fear and Favor Review

Owners and advertisers vs. journalism

Defense One, a magazine for the “national security community.”

Private corporations care very much about the content of the news they sponsor or, as outlet owners, produce—that it not be too downbeat, or provide a platform for anyone asking hard questions about corporate America.

Jan 01 2014

SoundBites January 2014

britney pirates

Music as a Weapon? No Joke “Britney Spears is being used as a secret weapon to fight Somali pirates,” (10/30/13) reported October 30. “The singer’s hits are being blasted out by tanker crews to deter kidnap attacks.” The piece quoted a British naval officer who says, “These guys can’t stand Western culture or music, making Britney’s hits perfect.” NBC (, 10/29/13) also picked up the story, telling viewers, Spears “can’t count Somali pirates among her many fans. In fact, her tunes are being used to turn the tide on high-seas crimes.” Nor could Time (, 10/28/13) pass on such […]

Dec 01 2013

The Other Education Crisis

Panic over testing feeds drop in creativity

Students boycotting standardized testing at Garfield High School in Washington state.

The monomania for testing rests on a belief, ingrained in the media, that American education is “in crisis” and the surest way to catch up with international competitors is to listen to big data.

Oct 15 2013

Washington Post OKs Covering Your Spouse’s PR Client

No conflict seen in Jerusalem reporter's husband representing Israel

The Washington Post responded to FAIR’s Action Alert about the Post’s Jerusalem bureau reporter, Ruth Eglash, whose husband’s links to the Israeli government pose a major conflict of interest. But the paper’s response–to the extent that it has any substance at all–seems to misconstrue what a conflict of interest is.

Sep 01 2013

Anti-Choice Fight Flies Under Media Radar

Without a dramatic storyline, little national attention

ABC's Jeff Zeleny interviewing Wendy Davis

While discussing abortion legislation on NBC’s Meet the Press (7/14/13), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nevada) told host David Gregory: “I think we should deal with the problems that affect this country. We need to do something to help the American working class and stop worrying about fringe issues.” A notable lack of media coverage on recent abortion legislation indicates that Reid’s not the only one who thinks of abortion as a fringe issue. National anti-choice organizations have amped up their state-by-state campaign to chip away at abortion rights; as of July 1, 17 states had introduced bills that put […]

Sep 01 2013

Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom

A deeply flawed yet riveting lament for the news

It isn’t news to those of us interested in knowing about the world that American journalism is in crisis. With The Newsroom and its dramatic condemnation of the state of news, HBO is jumping into the center of an industry storm, and what it portrays as a national disgrace. Though Newsroom could have focused on newspapers—arguably the medium hardest hit by industry trends—or the Internet or alternative media, the program spotlights television and often fingers the medium itself, with its entertainment obsessions, as a main culprit. Ironically, the show’s creator is long-time film and TV entertainment pro Aaron Sorkin. Amid […]

Sep 01 2013

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Powerful interests are often pundits’ real bosses


Plenty of pundits play the role of partisan warriors in cable TV studios. But that’s not their real job—or at least not the one where they likely make their real money.