May 28 2002

Jeff Cohen Leaves FAIR Board, Joins MSNBC

FAIR founder Jeff Cohen has been hired by MSNBC, and is stepping down from FAIR’s board of directors.

Cohen founded FAIR in 1986, and served as the group’s executive director. In recent years, he has been an advisor to the group rather than a staff member, as he pursued a career as a media commentator. In May 2001, he became president of FAIR’s board of directors.

Until moving to MSNBC, Cohen appeared regularly as a panelist on Fox News Channel‘s “Fox News Watch.” This did not prevent FAIR from regularly criticizing Fox, including publishing a cover story on “Fox: The Most Biased Name in News” (Extra!, 7-8/01). But with Cohen now working in the media full-time, Cohen and FAIR mutually decided to avoid any potential conflict by having him leave the board.

Cohen is now a senior producer for Phil Donahue‘s new talk show, which will debut on MSNBC this summer. He will also appear on MSNBC each weekday afternoon as an on-air commentator.

“All of us at FAIR are very proud to have worked with Jeff,” said FAIR’s Janine Jackson, “and we’re pleased to see MSNBC add his critical voice. We’re also more committed than ever to hard-hitting, independent criticism of mainstream media-including MSNBC.”