Apr 28 1999

Howard Stern Advocates Rape of Littleton Victims

CBS Distributes Repulsive Comments -- Little Coverage Follows

Howard Stern, a radio host whose program is syndicated by a CBS subsidiary, responded to the massacre in Littleton, Colorado by suggesting that female victims should have been raped as well as murdered.

Here are Stern’s comments, as reported by the Rocky Mountain News (4/24/99):

“There were some really good-looking girls running out with their hands over their heads. Did those kids try to have sex with any of the good-looking girls? They didn’t even do that? At least if you’re going to kill yourself and kill all the kids, why wouldn’t you have some sex? If I was going to kill some people, I’d take them out with sex.”

Stern’s program is aired on radio station KXPK in the Denver area, where Littleton is located. In a statement to listeners, KXPK general manager Bob Visotcky commented that “if Howard Stern has offended you in any way over the past few days during this horrific event, I sincerely apologize.”

The Littleton massacre has been one of the most widely covered news events of 1999, and there has been widespread discussion of whether media should be criticized for contributing to a violent, dehumanizing culture. Despite the fact that Stern is one of the most widely heard radio broadcasters in the country, his pro-rape comments have attracted surprisingly little attention; only two stories on his remarks appeared in the Nexis database as of April 27.

Stern is syndicated by Infinity Broadcasting, which is 83 percent owned by CBS. Infinity also syndicates Doug Tracht, “the Greaseman,” who mocked the dragging death of James Byrd in Jasper, Texas earlier this year.

ACTION: Please contact local and national media reporters, and ask them to cover Stern’s comments about Littleton. Suggest that they note CBS‘s syndication of the remarks.


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