Jun 21 2013

USA Today, Maddow and Iran Misinformation

Treating nuclear claims as facts

The Rachel Maddow Show

The recent elections in Iran may change some things–but inaccurate media depictions of Iran might not change much at all.

May 31 2013

Pro-Fracking Spin on Public Radio

Brought to you by Qatar


Public Radio International’s recent energy special had a very positive take on fracking. Which is not surprising when you find out who’s funding the show.

May 15 2013

Iraq Then, Syria Now?

New York Times, sarin and skepticism


During the run-up to the Iraq War, the New York Times amplified erroneous official claims about weapons of mass destruction (FAIR Action Alert, 9/8/06). Looking at the paper’s coverage of allegations of chemical weapons use by Syria, some of the same patterns are clear: an over-reliance on official sources and the downplaying of critical or skeptical analysis of the available intelligence. In “Syria Faces New Claim on Chemical Arms” (4/19/13), the paper told readers that, according to anonymous diplomats, Britain and France had sent letters to the United Nations about “credible evidence” against Syria regarding chemical weapon use. On April […]

May 8 2013

Don’t Koch the L.A. Times!


After years of mismanagement, the Tribune Company newspapers–including the Chicago Tribune and L.A. Times–are up for sale. And one of the potential buyers? The Koch brothers.

Yes, those Koch brothers. Let’s send the Tribune Company a message.

Jan 28 2013

PBS Drone Coverage Brought to You by Drone Makers

Lockheed's Nova sponsorship violates underwriting rules


The PBS Nova broadcast “Rise of the Drones” was sponsored by drone manufacturer Lockheed Martin–a clear violation of PBS’s underwriting guidelines.

Nov 26 2012

CEO Evening News?

CBS turns to benefit-cutting bosses for 'fiscal cliff' commentary

CEO Evening News

CBS Evening News has decided the best experts on the “fiscal cliff” are corporate CEOs who want to cut Social Security and Medicare. Let’s tell them what we think about that.

Nov 5 2012

Global Warming Silence on Sunday TV

No talk about climate's contribution to catastrophe

You’d think a massive hurricane that wreaked havoc along the East Coast might force the high-profile Sunday morning TV shows to talk about climate change. You’d be wrong. It’s time for us to tell the Sunday talkshows: Talk about climate change. Sign FAIR’s petition today. It is difficult for most people to keep ignoring the link between catastrophic climate change and weather catastrophes like “superstorm” Sandy. But with the devastation still being tallied–over 100 dead in the United States, dozens more in the Caribbean, tens of billions of dollars in damage–the Sunday shows on November 4 couldn’t be bothered to […]

Oct 24 2012

PBS and Iran’s ‘Nuclear Weapons’

NewsHour botches basic fact about Iran dispute

In an October 22 discussion of the foreign policy presidential debate, the PBS NewsHour‘s Jeffrey Brown stated that “Iran’s nuclear weapons program has been a particular flash point.” A few weeks earlier (10/5/12) on the NewsHour, Ray Suarez said that Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez had continued to thwart American efforts on a range of international issues, such as Washington’s attempt to convince Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to halt his country’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. As most people following this story should know, there is no intelligence that shows Iran has a nuclear weapons program. The country has long denied the […]