Sep 1 2000


The National Association of Broadcasters & the Struggle for Democratic Media

On September 20 – 23, 2000 in San Francisco, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) hosted the radio industry’s annual convention. One of the most powerful lobbies in the country, the NAB represents corporate media and works tirelessly to keep control of the airwaves away from the public and firmly in the hands of big business.

In 2000, media activists fought back.

Activists from across the country took to the streets of San Francisco to let the NAB know that the public demands democratic media. Please check out the resources below to learn more about the protests, the NAB and the ongoing fight for democratic media.


  • FAIR Action Alert & Overview: NAB 2000: Speak Out for Media Democracy (8/30/00)
  • Radio 4 All’s background on the NAB
  • The official website of NAB conventions


  • FAIR’s Open Letter to the NAB (9/18/00)
  • Profiteering from Democracy: Broadcast Corporations and Their Capitol Hill Allies Killed President’s Bid to Have Campaign Ads Air Free (The Center for Public Integrity’s Public I, 8/30/00)
  • Media Beat: Broadcasters Celebrate Big Gains From Violence and Greed (9/14/00)
  • Hidden Culprit in Campaign Finance Scandal: The TV Industry, by FAIR’s Jeff Cohen (5/4/97)
  • Info-bandits: Media conglomerates hijacked tele-communications policy with millions in PAC contributions, by FAIR’s Jim Naureckas (In These Times, 3/4/96)
  • FAIR’s critique of corporate ownership of the media

  • FAIR’s analyses of telecommunications policy

    Action Alerts:

  • San Francisco Chronicle Gives Short Shrift to NAB Protests (10/2/00)
  • Open letter to Clear Channel (10/2/00)
  • Low Power Radio in Jeopardy in Senate (9/28/00)
  • Activism Update: Over 1,000 March Against NAB: Corporate Media Ignore Demonstrations Against Corporate Media (9/26/00)
  • Open Letter to the NAB (9/18/00)
  • NAB 2000: Speak Out for Media Democracy (8/30/00)


  • San Francisco Independent Media Center. Non-corporate coverage of the NAB protests and other Bay Area events.
  • Media Democracy Now! This was the central organizing site for the NAB protests.
  • Media Alliance, a San Francisco-based group that played a key role in organizing the NAB actions.
  • Prometheus Radio Project, a non-profit that supports community-based mircoradio stations.