May 25 2001

Fox Responds to FAIR

Response from Fox News Channel (5/25/01):

We received several inquiries as a result of an action alert sent out by Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. As is often the case, FAIR failed to live up to its acronym.

Fox News Channel, like most other major television and print outlets, reported on claims by various sources about supposed trashing of the White House and Air Force One in the last days of the Clinton Administration.

Also like our competitors, we sought reaction from the Bush Administration, which consistently denied that any such vandalism had taken place. Vice President Cheney denied the reports on Fox News Sunday.

On Special Report, our signature political news program, the initial claims were reported in the Grapevine section. Last Friday, the GSA report was also reported in Grapevine.

We hope you’ll try actually watching Fox News Channel, rather than copying quotes from FAIR. Then you can decide for yourself whether we live up to our claim of being fair and balanced.


John Moody

Fox News Channel Senior Vice President, News Editorial

Read FAIR’s original Action Alert Irresistible Lies: Fox News on White House “Vandalism” (5/21/01).