Sep 23 2009

Helping to Fill the Gap in the Healthcare Debate

Dear FAIR Supporter,

FAIR loves being able to bring you recent successes we’ve had in standing up to the corporate media. On July 28, FAIR led an inspiring activist action where we delivered our petition signed by more than 13,000 physicians, activists and concerned citizens to ABC News headquarters in New York, demanding that the TV network open up the debate on healthcare reform to include advocates for single-payer proposals.

Single-payer, or Medicare for all, is supported by 59 percent of the public and an equal percentage of physicians, but corporate media have almost entirely silenced such supporters.

But our voices are being heard. The L.A. Times covered our petition delivery and acknowledged that there has been a “gaping hole in much of the media coverage–caused by the failure to investigate practices around the rest of the world, particularly European-style single-payer programs.” The petition was also covered by Democracy Now!, one of the independent media outlets you can count on to fill in that “gaping hole.”

This work is only possible through the generous contributions of supporters like you. We’re doing everything we can to withstand this economic downturn; as part of our belt-tightening, FAIR recently moved to smaller, cheaper offices next door to our old location, and with the September issue of Extra! we’ve switched to a less expensive–but even more attractive–glossy four-color format. But it’s going to take more than belt-tightening to weather this storm, so please help us out in whatever way you can. As a thank-you, we’re offering three great books we think you’ll love.

If you’re strapped for cash, know that any and all donations are happily accepted–and you can be sure that we will stretch every dollar as far as it can go.

When FAIR has asked for your help in the past, your generosity has made all the difference in keeping our noses to the keyboard, producing the quality media criticism you have come to expect. FAIR will work tirelessly to challenge corporate domination of the news media by lobbying journalists and engaging in grassroots activism, but we need your support today to continue to do so.

Please help us out. And a big thanks from all of us at FAIR!