Jul 31 2009

Media Take Notice of FAIR’s Healthcare Petition

healthcare petition delivery at ABC news

On Tuesday, FAIR successfully delivered our petition demanding a broader debate on healthcare reform to ABC News, and already the media are taking notice of our efforts.

The L.A. Times covered our petition delivery and acknowledged that there has been a “gaping hole in much of the media coverage — caused by the failure to investigate practices around the rest of the world, particularly European-style, single-payer programs.” And the buzz continues to grow….

Check out these links to see some of the coverage the petition has received so far:

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It’s not too late to join this important effort to open up the debate on healthcare reform.

With the media blackout on “single-payer” or Medicare-for-all poised to drag on until a fall vote on healthcare reform, now is a particularly important time to step up the pressure on all the TV networks to cover these proposals–which are supported by many citizens and doctors.

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