Jun 19 2006

New York Times Corrects the Record

Anti-war smear unsubstantiated

On June 16, FAIR issued an Action Alert questioning a New York Timess op-ed’s claim that “hundreds of anti-war protestors…appear at military hospitals and funerals.” On June 17, the New York Times printed the following correction on its op-ed page:

An Op-Ed article on Monday, about demonstrations at military funerals, hospitals and memorial services, incorrectly described the protesters at the military funerals discussed in the article. In some cases, the protesters were members of an anti-gay group, not people opposed to the Iraq war; in others, the families of the dead service members were unable to determine the affiliation of the protesters.

FAIR would like to thank all of the activists who wrote to the Times in response to FAIR’s June 16 Action Alert.