Sep 13 2006

New York Times Corrects WMD History

After FAIR issued an action alert (9/8/06) pointing out the New York Times‘ revision of recent Iraq War history, the Times published a correction (9/12/06) on its website. The correction read:

An article that appeared on for part of the day on Sept. 5 incorrectly described President Bush’s statements about Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons programs at the time of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Mr. Bush said it was Iraq’s possession of those weapons that was the main justification for the invasion, not the possibility that the weapons could be developed.

FAIR is pleased that the Times corrected the record. The correction’s characterization of the article as appearing “for part of the day on Sept. 5” is inaccurate; the article remained on the Times site in its uncorrected version even after the correction was published. A follow-up inquiry from FAIR alerted the Times to the error, and the article has now been removed from the website. The correction, too, has been removed, under the Times‘ curious policy of replacing its online corrections each day but providing no archive of the previous day’s corrections–let alone those of the previous week or month.

FAIR thanks the activists who wrote in response to our alert.