Helping to Fill the Gap in the Healthcare Debate

Dear FAIR Supporter, FAIR loves being able to bring you recent successes we’ve had in standing up to the corporate media. On July 28, FAIR led an inspiring activist action where we delivered our petition signed by more than 13,000 physicians, activists and concerned citizens to ABC News headquarters in New York, demanding that the TV network open up the debate on healthcare reform to include advocates for single-payer proposals. Single-payer, or Medicare for all, is supported by 59 percent of the public and an equal percentage of physicians, but corporate media have almost entirely silenced such supporters. But our […]


Media Take Notice of FAIR’s Healthcare Petition

On Tuesday, FAIR successfully delivered our petition demanding a broader debate on healthcare reform to ABC News, and already the media are taking notice of our efforts. The L.A. Times covered our petition delivery and acknowledged that there has been a “gaping hole in much of the media coverage — caused by the failure to investigate practices around the rest of the world, particularly European-style, single-payer programs.” And the buzz continues to grow…. Check out these links to see some of the coverage the petition has received so far: Common Dreams (7/30/09) L.A. Times (7/29/09) Democracy Now! (7/29/09) Paper Tiger […]


NY Times Ombud Agrees with Activists

Paper failed to question Pentagon propaganda on Gitmo prisoners

Citing a FAIR Action Alert (5/27/09), New York Times ombud Clark Hoyt agreed with media activists who asked him to challenge the Times‘ unskeptical coverage of a leaked Pentagon report on former Guantánamo prisoners. In his column “What Happened to Skepticism?” (6/6/09), Hoyt called the Times‘ May 21 front-page story on the report “seriously flawed.” He wrote that the article provided “ammunition” for Dick Cheney’s campaign against Obama’s plan to close the offshore prison camp, and compared the piece to the Times‘ uncritical coverage of leaked intelligence on WMDs in the lead-up to the Iraq War. Hoyt also noted that […]


Frontline Responds on Sick Around America

In the wake of a FAIR Action Alert (4/6/09), Frontline has responded to critics of its documentary Sick Around America, defending the film’s focus on mandatory private health insurance and its exclusion of the single-payer option. (Frontline‘s full response follows.) In an email response to FAIR (4/7/09), Frontline characterized FAIR’s charge that the documentary presented mandatory for-profit healthcare as the only alternative to the current U.S. healthcare system as “untrue” because the film’s narrator acknowledged that “other developed countries bar health insurance companies from making profits on basic care and cap their administrative costs.” While it’s true that FAIR’s alert […]


More Hot Air from George Will

Columnist defends errors in climate change column

Syndicated Washington Post columnist George Will and the Post‘s ombud Andrew Alexander are still failing to address the majority of the inaccuracies in Will’s February 15 column on climate change. Facing down critics (including FAIR–Action Alert, 2/18/09), Will claimed in a new column (2/27/09) that his original “column contained many factual assertions but only one has been challenged.” Taking up that “one” challenge, Will continued to insist that his summary of research done by the University of Illinois’ Department of Atmospheric Sciences was correct–despite the researchers’ repudiation of Will’s argument. Of course, critics had pointed out two other inaccuracies: Will […]


Post Responds on Will’s Inaccuracies

Paper's explanation makes matters worse

George Will’s February 22 column in the Washington Post began: “A simple apology would have sufficed.” Alas, this was not a reference to Will’s error-filled column on climate change the week before (FAIR Action Alert, 2/18/09). But the paper’s new ombud did email a response to some of Will’s critics, which managed to reveal how Will easily gets away with such falsehoods. Will’s original column included three significant problems: He misrepresented scientific research in the 1970s by claiming that cooling was the prevailing concern, he misrepresented University of Illinois research on sea ice, and he claimed that U.N. climate researchers […]


WNET Responds on Worldfocus’ Conflict of Interest

Public broadcaster WNET has responded to FAIR’s Action Alert (2/10/09), “Worldfocus, Brought to You by Economic Fearmongers.” WNET CEO and director Neal Shapiro wrote (2/12/09) in an email to FAIR activists, “While the Peter G. Peterson Foundation has a well-known interest in the issues of Social Security and health care, FAIR’s suggestion that ‘Worldfocus‘ will be producing reports promoting the foundation’s point of view is false.” Shapiro added, “The foundation’s interest in ‘Worldfocus‘ stems from the fact that the newscast has been looking at these critical issues in the context of its in-depth world coverage.” Shapiro’s response seems to miss […]


Washington Post Responds to FAIR on Iraq War Casualties

But paper continues to underestimate Iraqi death toll

Since FAIR sent out an action alert (10/27/08) about the Washington Post‘s weekly chart, “Iraq War Casualties,” the newspaper has ceased using the misleading term “maximum count” to refer to an Iraqi civilian death toll figure 2 to 10 times lower than the casualty figures reached by household surveys (Washington Post, 11/1/08, 11/8/08, 11/15/08). FAIR appreciates the change. However, as the Washington Post foreign desk confirmed to one FAIR activist in a letter, the newspaper is still using Iraq Body Count figures, which, as FAIR’s alert pointed out, are “almost certainly a very serious underestimation”: Iraq Body Count bases its […]