Jun 6 2014

Will the Justice Department Send a Reporter to Jail?

Join FAIR and a coalition of organizations–including The Nation and RootsAction–to send a clear message to the Obama administration: Stop the persecution of journalists.

May 29 2014

CNN’s Climate Expert: Ann Coulter?!

Tell CNN that climate coverage should be reality-based


What’s worse than not covering climate change? How about a one-on-one interview with far right climate change denier Ann Coulter. CNN, you can do better than that.

Apr 24 2014

TPP TV Blackout

A big controversy that isn't news--but look what is...

The TV networks don’t think the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is newsworthy. But look at what they do think is worth covering….

Apr 15 2014

Can White People Be Terrorists?

How media label Kansas shooting suspect


The man accused of shooting and killing three people at Jewish community centers in Kansas has a long history as a right-wing terrorist. So why won’t media call him a terrorist?

Mar 21 2014

Washington Post Gets Iran Nukes Wrong–Again

Paper claims a 'march towards weapons'

Hillary Clinton (cc photo: Veni Markovski)

In a March 20 article about a Hillary Clinton speech, the Washington Post reported that Iran is marching towards nuclear weapons–repeating an error the Post has had to correct at least two times already.

Mar 14 2014

No More Media Silence on TPP

Networks Skip Controversial Trade Deal


The proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal has drawn heavy criticism. Over 500 labor, environmental and farm groups oppose granting the White House “fast track” authority to speed the pact through Congress. The deal, still being negotiated in secret, has spawned protests around the world.

But there’s one thing that TPP hasn’t generated: news. Let’s try to change that.

Feb 4 2014

NY Times Covers for Obama’s Move to the Right

Paper misrepresents inequality poll

Tax the Rich mural (photo: Tiff Chow)

President Barack Obama has decided to talk less about income inequality and more about “opportunity.” This shift to a more conservative framework to discuss economic divisions is, according to the New York Times, what the public wants. But that doesn’t appear to be the case. Reporter Jackie Calmes (2/4/14) explained that Republicans think talking about inequality “smacks of class warfare,” and suggests that the public at large thinks so too: “On this question, the president and his party have moved in Republicans’–and voters’–direction,” she wrote. The Times added that Democrats see that opportunity frame “as more appealing to middle-class voters […]

Dec 27 2013

The 2013 P.U.-Litzers

Media Moments That Didn't Smell Right


Some of the year’s stinkiest moments in corporate media– it’s the 2013 P.U.-Litzers!