Jun 1 2003


Extra! Update June 2003

The Liberation of Iraq “I want to be certain that nothing is shown that would incite violence in a city that was extremely tense when we took over two-and-one-half weeks ago, and which still has folks who are totally opposed to what we’re doing and are willing to do something about it. . . . Yes, what we are looking at is censor­ship, but you can censor something that is intended to inflame passions.” —U.S. Maj. Gen. David H. Petraeus, explaining new restrictions on television in Mosul, Iraq (Wash­ington Post, 5/9/03) Oil and Democracy Playing down hopes for a democratic […]

Nov 1 1999

Has ABC News Given Up on Accuracy?

Stossel special filled with Limbaughesque distortions

In a one-hour ABC News special titled “Is America #1?,” 20/20 corre­spondent John Stossel compared the economies of Hong Kong, the United States and India in an attempt to show that laissez-faire economic pol­icy is “what makes a country work well for its people.” The program was filled with so many factual inaccuracies, Limbaughesque distortions and unsub­stantiated claims that it calls into ques­tion whether ABC News applied any sort of journalistic standards to the broadcast. The following is just a sampling of some of Stossel’s erroneous claims: ■ One of Stossel’s main sources on Hong Kong claims that Hong Kong […]

Apr 1 1994

Victor Neufeld’s Anti-Environmental Spin Continues

Extra! Update June 1994

Victor Neufeld, 20/20‘s executive producer, whose wife is a PR agent who has represented the nuclear, chemical and plastics industries, has continued to steer the show away from environmental stories. In an Extra! expose (1-2/94), 20/20 staffers and ex-staffers told of Neufeld squelching stories critical of the nuclear industry and putting a spin on environmental stories that minimized or denied environmental concerns. ABC reacted to the Extra! article by “circling the wagons” around Neufeld, a 20/20 source said. As for Neufeld’s posture on environmental stories, “It’s the same thing–and worse.” Indeed, Neufeld, along with John Stossel, the correspondent who has […]