Mar 14 2014

No More Media Silence on TPP

Networks Skip Controversial Trade Deal


The proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal has drawn heavy criticism. Over 500 labor, environmental and farm groups oppose granting the White House “fast track” authority to speed the pact through Congress. The deal, still being negotiated in secret, has spawned protests around the world.

But there’s one thing that TPP hasn’t generated: news. Let’s try to change that.

Mar 02 2011

ABC’s ‘Made in America’ Hypocrisy

Focusing on consumers, not corporations like Disney

Focusing on consumers, not corporations like DisneyABC World News With Diane Sawyer kicked off its “Made in America” series on February 28, encouraging consumers to buy U.S.-made products in order to spur job growth. But why focus on consumers and not major corporations like ABC parent Disney, who are the ones who actually choose to manufacture products overseas? The February 28 report consisted of reporter David Muir touring one family’s home, discovering that the vast majority of the family’s possessions are not made in the United States. Muir even checks the children’s toys, only to discover that they are mostly […]

Sep 24 2009

USA Today, AP Mislead on Honduran Coup

This week, ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya returned to Tegucigalpa–though not to office. Unfortunately, press accounts are still misreporting the story behind his ouster, relying on those who supported the coup to supply the explanation for their actions. Some of the most misleading coverage has appeared in the Associated Press dispatches that have run in USA Today. The paper’s September 22 edition ran this from the AP: The legislature ousted Zelaya after he formed an alliance with leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and tried to alter the nation’s constitution. Zelaya was arrested on orders of the Supreme Court on charges […]

Jan 01 2007

A Note of Bias

ABC’s Mark Halperin calls for a purge of newsrooms

ABC’s Mark Halperin calls for a purge of newsroomsMark Halperin, political director of ABC News and the main author of the widely read daily online briefing the Note, has more influence over the political tone of mainstream journalism than virtually any other individual. In his book Lapdogs, press critic Eric Boehlert called the Note “the agenda-setting morning round-up for the political class. . . . It’s impossible to overstate the behind-the-scenes influence of the Note.” Nevertheless, when Halperin showed up to plug his new book on the show of second-string right-wing talk radio host Hugh Hewitt (10/30/06), he sounded less […]

Sep 08 2006

Sheldon Rampton on ‘The Path to 9/11,’ Wayne Barrett on Giuliani and 9/11

Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: The Path to 911, an ABC docudrama scheduled to air on September 10th and 11th, reportedly falsifies events and lays the blame for 911 on the Clinton administration. Why would ABC insist on airing such a politically partisan program? We’ll ask Sheldon Rampton, research director of the Center for Media and Democracy. Also on the show: “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend” goes the famous movie line, and that could describe media’s treatment of former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s much-vaunted performance during the World Trade Center attack 5 years ago. […]

Nov 01 2005

Deducing the Definition of ‘Demonizing’

When people claim to find a liberal bias in corporate media, one has to wonder: Are they getting some kind of special news, unavailable to regular people? Or have they so internalized the liberal media canard that they simply presume the existence of a liberal slant? The Note, ABC News’ daily email news digest, often accuses the mainstream media, of which ABC News is a major part, of having a leftward slant—as in this item (9/19/05): The press and the Democrats are still demonizing Karl Rove’s involvement in anything and everything, expressing shock and horror that a deputy White House […]

Oct 01 2005

ABC’s Antiwar ‘Reality Check’

World News Tonight minimizes support for withdrawal

World News Tonight minimizes support for withdrawalWith Cindy Sheehan’s protest outside George W. Bush’s Texas ranch finally bringing a bit of media attention to the antiwar movement, some mainstream media outlets seem determined to marginalize such activism. On August 25, ABC World News Tonight anchor Charles Gibson asked, “People may tell pollsters they oppose the war, but are they part of any real antiwar movement? We asked ABC‘s Dan Harris to take a reality check on the depth of sentiment against the war.” Harris began his “reality check” with this: For months, Americans have been telling pollsters that going to […]

Dec 11 2003

ABC Narrows the Field

NOTE: Please see the update to this action alert: “ABC Responds to Critics of Campaign Coverage” (12/12/03)   A day after ABC‘s Ted Koppel moderated a debate between the Democratic presidential contenders, the network decided to withdraw three off-air producers from the campaigns of Dennis Kucinich, Carol Moseley Braun and Rev. Al Sharpton. ABC‘s decision was attributed to the fact that these candidates are perceived to have a slim chance of winning the Democratic nomination. An ABC spokesperson explained (Boston Globe, 12/11/03) that “as we prepare for Iowa and New Hampshire, we are putting more resources toward covering those events.” […]