Jan 1 1992

Finding Gold in Grey Hair

The New York Times was up to a bit of demagoguery recently (11/3/91), under the headline “Why Older People Are Richer Than Other People.” Reporter Iver Peterson began by presenting awell-established fact–“the notion that some Americans will be the first generation to live at a lower level than their parents”– as a campaign slogan being used by “some Democratic candidates.” Who are the lucky Americans who are living at a higher level? The answer the Times gave was not a class, nor a gender, nor a race, but an age group: The favorites of fortune are people over 65. Selected […]

Jul 1 1991


Media Attacks on the Elderly

Budget out of control, banks going bust, states and cities going broke, children going hungry — who’s to blame? For major media, no problem. It’s elderly Americans. In their drive to punish gray hair, big media give no quarter. There is no trial, no defense. “Elderly, Affluent — and Selfish”, snarls a typical op-ed in the New York Times (10/10/89). “The 800-Pound Gorilla Vs. the Hungry Baby”, growls a Washington Post column (10/22/90), referring to the invisible geezer lobby as an ape. Time magazine (11/26/90) says the country could work its way out of the hole it’s in “by spending […]