Michael Ratner on Bradley Manning, Neil deMause on Disability Fraud Hoax


As Bradley Manning’s court martial trial gets underway, journalists face real obstacles in trying to report on it, and they should be facing the constitutional issues the case raises. We’ll be joined by Michael Ratner, president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights and U.S. attorney for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Also on the show: Are parents keeping their kids from learning how to read, so they can get a disability check from the state? The claim has come from some high places in elite media, which you won’t be surprised to learn, doesn’t make it true. We’ll speak with author and journalist Neil deMause about this not-so-new media canard.


Mark Weisbrot on Hugo Chavez, Kevin Gosztola on Bradley Manning


This week on CounterSpin: Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez is dead but his independence and help for Venezuela’s poor remains unforgiven in the US press. We’ll talk to Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic and Policy Research about what media’s portrayal of Chavez says about media.

Also on the show: Bradley Manning’s trial took a dramatic turn when he explained, in great detail, the reasons why he uploaded thousands of sensitive files to the website WikiLeaks. His goal was to spark public debate about U.S. war and foreign policy. Kevin Gosztola has been covering the trial for firedoglake.com he’ll join us to talk about Manning’s statement, and about the implications the trial has for press freedom.


Michael Ratner on Bradley Manning Hearing, Joe Torres on FCC


What happened at the Bradley Manning hearings this week? Corporate media don’t seem interested; Michael Ratner tells us what they missed. And big media getting… bigger? Joe Torres on the latest at the FCC.


Turning Their Back on Bradley Manning

Whistleblower speaks--but press doesn't listen


Bradley Manning is accused of leaking incredibly vital information that made headlines around the world. But the developments at his trial last week were evidently not newsworthy.