Jul 10 2015

Chinese Stocks Return to February’s Values; WaPo Sees Threat to Regime

Shanghai (cc photo: SF Brit)

The media seem to think it’s a really huge deal that investors in China’s stock market have not made any money since February. The Washington Post told readers that it could even threaten the regime’s legitimacy.

Mar 01 2014

Hyping the ‘Chinese Threat’

Media follow official line on East China Sea dispute

Reuters: Breakout

US media have played up “the Chinese threat” to an irrational degree—by omitting context, adopting incendiary language and occasionally using simply inaccurate data.

Mar 01 2007

The Real ‘Masters of Space’

Warfare in orbit is only news when China does it

As a graphic proclaiming “Red Storm” flashed on the screen, CNN anchor Lou Dobbs intoned: “Communist 5China tonight refusing to explain its motives for conducting its first-ever anti-satellite missile test. That test, the latest in a series of dangerous new challenges by the Chinese military to this country’s interest.” He threw it to correspondent Christine Romans, who declared, “Defense experts see a pattern of behavior that highlights China’s strategy to exploit American weakness.” Romans went to John Tkacik of the Heritage Foundation, who, she reported, “says that American policymakers refuse to recognize China’s hostile intentions toward this country.” The segment […]

Oct 22 1999

U.S. Media Overlook Expose on Chinese Embassy Bombing

The Chinese Embassy in Begrade after US bombing

A detailed investigative article in the October 17 London Observer reported that NATO deliberately bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade last May. So far, the reaction in the mainstream U.S. media has been a deafening silence.

Jul 01 1989

China News Blackout

Deng Xiaoping, Time's 1979 person of the year

‘The enthusiasm for free-market initiatives and other reforms became the new rationale for turning a blind eye to the continuing repression in China.’