Jan 7 2016

‘Environmental’ Comic Strip’s Author Wants Global Warming Believers to ‘Get Real’

Mark Trail comic strip on the volcano Bardarbunga

The leading environmental-themed comic strip in the United States, Mark Trail, is apparently written by a climate-change denier.

Dec 15 2015

As December Heat Ends History’s Warmest Year, Media Still Shy Away From the Cause

December cherry blossoms in DC (photo: Bao Dandan/Xinhua Press/Corbis)

As wave after wave of record-breaking high temperatures grips huge swaths of America, media coverage of the December warmth has rarely been willing to discuss its cause.

Dec 7 2015

‘How Do We Move Past a Fossil Fuel-Powered World?’

CounterSpin interview with Janet Redman on climate conference activism

Janet Redman

“Climate change impacts all of us. It impacts both the poorest of us and the wealthiest of us in multiple aspects of our lives: from where we can live to the food we have access to, our safety in our homes and our communities.”

Nov 20 2015

Jim Naureckas on ISIS Attacks, Janet Redman on Climate Conference Activism

ISIS fighters

The Paris attacks by the group known as ISIS have dominated news outlets, but if the goal really is to prevent the recurrence of such violence, then reporting that eliminates political context can’t be the way forward.

Jun 18 2015

Why Corporate Media Want to Blame California’s Drought on Your Eating Avocados

New York Times chart of California produce and water use.

California’s drought is caused by lower-than-normal precipitation coupled with higher-than-normal temperatures, not by people eating too many grapes (24 gallons for a bunch) or mandarin oranges (42.5 gallons for three).

Apr 15 2015

As Drought Grips California, Networks Come Up Dry on Climate Science

CBS News: California Drought Map

When California’s drought was covered on network TV, global warming was rarely addressed, with just three mentions on ABC, two on NBC and one on CBS.

Apr 1 2015

Soundbites April 2015


NYT (Mis)Spells Out Debt Problem for SYRIZA A New York Times report (1/29/15) by Liz Alderman suggested that Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, from the anti-austerity SYRIZA party, doesn’t understand his country’s debt problems: When pressed to describe how Greece would pay for bonds falling due in the coming months without taking the €7 billion installment, Mr. Varoufakis replied, “Let’s not talk about details.” To SYRIZA’s detractors, such remarks might signal that the new government does not understand the magnitude of Greece’s financial challenges. Before becoming Finance minister, Varoufakis taught economics at Cambridge, the University of Athens, University of Sydney […]

Apr 1 2015

Obsessed With Winter Cold, TV Missed Bigger Picture

Republican Senator from Oklahoma James Inhofe speaking to U.S. Congress

During January, February and March of 2015, major news outlets focused on cold in the Northeast, neglecting droughts and other climate change issues.