Jul 24 2015

Side-By-Side Coverage of Cuba and Iran Highlights Shift in US Media Villain-Making

PBS Newshour's Judy Woodruff and four commentators: James Woolsey, Dennis Ross, Sandy Berger and Michael Hayden.

While Cuban officials are granted airtime as they forcefully denounce American policies at a walking distance from the US Capitol building, similarly reasonable positions on the part of Iran are treated as outrageous demands.

Feb 19 2015

Op-Ed on Venezuela Slips Past NYT Factcheckers

Caracas protests (photo: Meredith Kohut/NYT)

A February 15, 2015, New York Times op-ed on Venezuela by Enrique Krauze includes numerous false statements and errors, which should have been caught by the Times’ factcheckers.

May 1 1991

Will the “New Hitler” Have a Beard?

The same hawish pundits who so successfully demonized Saddam Hussein are now looking for a new target. For most, the demon of choice is an old foe: Fidel Castro. Georgie Ann Geyer, an old cold warrior with a new biography out on Castro, gave the Today show (3/4/91) a description of Castro that seemed remarkably similar to the dirt dished out by unnamed U.S. officials on Khadafy, Noriega and Saddam: of “illegitimate” birth, he abused his first wife, admired Hitler and Mussolini for their power and toted Mein Kampf around with him. The interview–more like a monologue–concluded with Geyer speculating […]